Monday, May 20, 2013

Potty Training Mania

Yup, we're in the midst of potty training up in here.
We decided on Friday night that we were just going to go for the gold and put both boys in underwear for the weekend and see what we get. We put them on the potty every 30 minutes, and we even went on some errands and used potties everywhere we went.
The boys are doing decent. Brady gets it a lot more than Jax, but even still, we're dealing with the 'accidents' which cause a lot of extra work. The boys wore Pullups on the bus and were put back in underwear for the school day. Brady stayed dry and used the potty at school, had a dry Pullup home and then after 20 minutes of his underwear and playing in the yard, he had an accident. Which wouldn't be a big deal if Jax didn't poo in his pants while I was cleaning up Brady. That's kind of how the scenarios have been playing out. They seem to really forget when playing with all their friends outside even though I have the potties on the patio and call them over every so often. So that will be their biggest challenge. Jaxon went potty at school for the first time, but then had an accident in the classroom 20 minutes later.
So yes, they're doing pretty good, but even pretty good has it's moments of chaos and wishing kids could just magically go from diapers to underwear without all the in between nonsense. In the meantime, I'll be praying to God for my patience and sanity. Wish us luck.

A little boy walking through his yard in his batting helmet and his shirt tucked into his Star Wars Underoos. Priceless.
I'm interested in getting the boys some bracelets like this. It's obvious that Brady will not be able to speak well enough any time soon to even give his name, and even Jaxon can't say his own name clear enough for an unfamiliar person to understand (sounds like Dacksa Wakabuga) so these may be good for when we're out at busy events or even going to 4k on the bus next year. What do you all think? Would this give you a little more peace of mind if you had a child with a profound speech disorder? I'm considering the line "I can't speak but I can understand you" vs "Speech Disorder" so people realize they can talk to him. If I got Jax one, would it also state 'feeding' disorder or 'tube-fed' as well, or is that unnecessary since if he were lost and someone found him, they'd call me... thoughts?

**I've been using the oils for Brady's Mulluscom now for over a week, and will do a full report at the end of this week with photos.**


Merks said...

I've actually toyed with the idea of getting something like this for our girls. I think they're useful for all kids.

I would put "I can't speak but I can understand you" instead of "speech disorder" and I don't think you'd need to indicate that Jax is tube-fed since they'd call you.

Good luck with the potty training! It took our oldest quiet a while, but that was a battle I shouldn't have fought since she held all of the cards. :/

Maggie said...

I like the thought of "I can't speak but can understand you", as if I found a child with that bracelet I would know that continuing to talk to them and let them know what was happening would be comforting. Heck, I'm a talker anyway, so I probably wouldn't stop babbling and comforting...anywho...good luck with the potty training!!

Mom-in-Progress said...

I might include that Jax is tube-fed, just because if they can't get in touch with you right away, they might not understand why Jax would reject food.

Amy and Jeff said...

I'd love to know if you had any luck with iodine and tea tree oil? I found your blog while looking for a solution for my daughters molluscum. Thanks!