Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ready for June!

Whew! We had a whirlwind weekend. Well, more like 5 days that are hopefully coming to a calm now.

The boys are still working hard on potty training and they remain complete mysteries to me. They can go an entire day without any accidents - even when traveling - and then the next day pee in their pants by 9am. I can't figure out little boys! But they're definitely catching on.

We had baby Santina here on Friday night, which reminded me of how much I tend to not sleep and check a monitor multiple times a night to be sure the baby is breathing - old habits die hard.
My family was here on Saturday through Sunday. My brother and his fiancee from Texas drove up and my mom and niece came down from Green Bay. We had a nice time together and we miss everyone already.
I was pretty drained on Sunday (allergies aren't helping!) but we did manage to let the kids play a lot outside while the neighbors had a cookout later that day. I went straight to bed pretty much when the kids did from being so drained.
We left early on Monday to go up to Green Bay to visit my Grandpa in the hospital. He's still in Intermediate Care two weeks after the surgery because he's had a few set backs, but hopefully he'll be in rehab at a nursing facility sometime this week.

We're back to the regular week grind today, albeit very rainy so it's easy to keep the boys inside in their undies to keep training until we have to leave for feeding therapy. The boys only have a week and a half of school left.... oh... my... gosh... why did I not enroll them in SOMETHING during the day for summer for some breaks, haha! Seriously...
They do start their little Blast Ball league in a few weeks which will send them over the moon, I'm sure!

Janel holding Santina

Everyone working on our yard Sunday morning?? Um, thanks!

Marley and the boys hanging on the porch swing.
The boys and I in Green Bay on Monday having lunch. They thought it was cool to be by Lambeau Field, when I didn't even realize it! Growing up around it makes you forget the excitement it may prove in a little boy!

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