Sunday, May 5, 2013

Running wild

We had a spring clean up weekend, meaning we did LOTS and lots of running around and busy work, but the kids still had a great time with playing outside pretty much for 2 straight days.

We picked up our new outdoor dining set, cleaned up the yard, cleaned out the entire garage, got a new grill and set it up, strung up some patio lights, laid soil and seed in areas, laid weed & feed over entire lawn, got the first round of spring/summer clothes for the boys, grocery shopped with other errands and even ended Sunday night using our spruced up patio with a steak dinner on the grill and red wine on the table, ahhh spring is here. Did ya get all that?

We had originally planned to remodel our backyard this year (we've had plans drawn up for two years now) but with other household projects that come up and are 'necessary', our plans keep getting pushed back. So we decided to spruce it up in other ways so it's liveable until then. Ce la vie!

The boys still have their colds, but its definitely not holding them down. Jax has a questionable tummy during meal times with the mucus, but that's nothing new. He's never vomited when I put that oil on him, so I may try to do it with each meal time instead of just morning and bedtime. I've heard great things about essential oil of oregano or the doTerra's OnGuard oil to heal up Molluscum which is plaguing Brady's legs so bad. It's worth a try... I've had two people tell me it's gotten rid of their warts, and I've read countless online reviews (which I always take with a grain of salt). Any of you out there have experience?

While we were doing a little outlet shopping later on Saturday, I heard Brady babble "mamama" (OMG). I stopped dead in my tracks and asked him to say it again and he did! Then he went back to "gagaga", but I'm really hoping this is the first sign that his oral motor skill is starting to figure out the "ma" sound, which was the propellant for Jax with speaking. Here's to hoping!

We were so busy this weekend that we didn't snap any photos!

How many parents of preschoolers had growing beans sent home with their kids this week? I saw a lot on Face Book!

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