Friday, May 10, 2013

Some great gaining

We got some great news at the GI/Dietician check up today, Jax broke the 26lb mark finally! Yay! He gained a half pound in just over 2 weeks, so he's doing pretty good with some growth. And that was with a cold and some intermittent vomiting, so that gives hope if he has some illness-free weeks ahead. (He weighed in at 26lbs 7.3oz and they weighed him twice just to make sure)

I spoke to the GI specialist and Dietician at length about possibly using Human Growth Hormone on Jax. He has his Endocrinologist appointment the first week of July, and I'm trying to gather as much info as possible in case they say his growth rate is still at a major deficit. Both the GI specialist and Dietician agreed that it would make him grow taller, but to not be afraid that he wouldn't gain weight along with it too. I was nervous he'd grow taller and fall further on the height-to-weight ratio. The GI specialist said that he knew the qualifications for HGH are pretty strict, so if Jax fell into the red-zone and qualified, it meant he had some pretty stunted growth, so nothing is taken lightly or treated flippant in that specialty.

In other news, I'm able to get Brady to say 'mamamama' each time I ask him. When we slow it down to a straight up 'mama', he's now saying 'mamnman', so he's close. He still calls me 'gaga', which is funny since his speech therapist made a chart with a photo of Lady Gaga, and a photo of me and is trying to show the difference, hilarious!

I received a call back from the speech and hearing department at Childrens Hospital for summer speech sessions. I need to fax in the boy's IEPs next Friday (when we have our meeting) for them to get on the schedule. (An IEP is a plan set for children who require special services through the school system)
So I think we'll have a busy summer, but it's a critical time for the boys to be moving on to their next goals in these areas. Jax will have Feeding therapy, Speech therapy and Occupational therapy and Brady will have speech therapy from the school district and from the hospital. I'm pretty sure we'll be outside the rest of the time!

Today is Jason's birthday and Jax has been OBSESSED with birthdays lately. Every single morning he asks me if it's his birthday and if he's 5. Well today he told me he was excited for Daddy to come home and open presents because he's 42. Hilarious. He's off by 10 years, but it's too cute.

While Brady isn't the most artistically inclined yet, he is able to control his crayon to the inside of lines. The picture on the right is Jax's and you can tell he struggles to have control, which more Occupational Therapy should help him with. He still can't draw any recognizable picture yet. It will come...

We had whip cream and strawberries with Jason's birthday cheese cake. Brady got his first mouth full of whip cream! Jax didn't want it anywhere near him!

He couldn't stop laughing!

Singing Happy Birthday and Jax trying to figure out how many fingers showed "32"...


Melissa said...

Yay Jax!
A little update on my student who has been taking growth hormones since January. Prior to hormones he didn't grow at all for a full year. With the hormones, he grew a full inch in just 2 months.

Annie and Jason said...

That's awesome Melissa. The dietician said she sees a major growth on the charts of the kids she's had. We'll see how Jax's growth has been since winter and go from there. I haven't seen a major growth 'spurt' from him or anything, but he IS growing. They calculate the rate of growth and the genetic potential and come up with these magical numbers that show how extreme the deficit is (or not). I'm anxious to see his new calculations.

Matt & Shana said...

One of the guys I work with his son took growth hormone for years because he wasn't on the charts for a long time and his wife said she would chat with you over email if you want? His son is 17 now so she can talk to you about long term effects if you have concerns. just let me know and I can connect the two of you.