Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Never say...

... your child doesn't poop their pants. Because that's when they do. They both do.

The boys have been especially squirrely lately, mixed with getting up very early and Jay being out of town, so my patience have been tested a lot these last 3 weeks. I put the boys down for a nap after putting them on the potty, asked if they wanted Pull Ups and told them, "NO TALKING".
I checked on them 30 minutes later and the smell punched me in the face as I walked in.

Jax handed me his puke-bucket and showed me that he cleaned up his poop.


Suddenly I see Brady go into the bathroom and start washing his hands... that had poop all over them and up to this elbows and I look down... poop is coming out his shorts. They both pooped. Neither slept. I go back into the room and sure enough.. I stepped in some.

Both boys earned a bath while I fumigated, mopped, scrubbed, disinfected and stripped their beds. I asked Jax why he didn't come tell he had to poo, or WHY he didn't call for me when he did. His reply?
"You said no talking."

There you have it.

And with that, I bid you all adieu as I leave for a girl's trip this weekend. I may never come back, although, Jay always reminds me that I call missing the boys by day 2...

On Monday the boys have their Endocrinologist appointment to see how their growth has come along since Decemeber. I'm nervous for them, and I don't know why! I have a long overdo allergist appointment that morning as well, so it will be an informative day I think.

Jax loving all the Curious George books at the library.

MUDDY game tonight!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Life's a beach!

Well... at least for a few hours once in awhile.
Saturday's weather wasn't very great, so we took the opportunity to get some much needed work done since we are busy every weekend for a long time going forward. We cleaned out our back storage room and made some trips to Goodwill. It was a long overdo project!
We took the boys out for dinner for a family date afterward, which was nice.
With much nicer weather on Sunday, we took the boys to the beach, ran some errands, and ended the night with pizza, not a bad weekend.

In kid-news, Brady is definitely 'potty trained' with accidents very far and few between. I think he's had one in the last week... or two. His Pull Up is dry about 75% of the time when waking up in the morning, so he's doing really well with overnights as well.
Jax is getting much better, but still has a problem when engaged in play. He still has an accident every 2-3 days, but thankfully it's only ever urine!

I had to stop using the essential oils on Brady's legs (Molluscum) because it was irritating his eczema too much, so we're playing the waiting game. The boy's have their 5 yr physicals in 3 weeks (holy cow) so we can consult the doctor about it again then.
Jaxon's vomiting comes and goes in spurts as usual, but it's only with meal time volume-intolerance, so that's all still pretty much the same. His eating has better weeks than others. He is supposed to attend an out-patient clinic at the hospital for 2 days in July, and then we'll beef up his private therapy sessions after that to hopefully get him over his current hump of chewing issues. He understands to chew food, but he doesn't understand how to use his tongue, so he still sturggles. We're working on it!

Brady is doing well with his 3x/weekly summer school speech sessions, and says "Momom" instead of "Gaga" each time he says my name now. His approximations for other words are getting better as well, but no other actual words yet - he's a work in progress for sure, and a cute one to boot!

Jay and the boys on Sunday.

The boys showing me their book-picks at bedtime last night.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer is here!

T-Ball is officially underway and the boys are of course, obsessed. They played their first game tonight, and they did great.
Brady is now attending his speech summer school sessions, and while he was really upset the first day, he now loves it. Jax and I hang out in the library or on the playground while Brady has his session, so we get some good alone time together. It's every Mon, Tues and Wed, so that's a lot of therapy for the next few weeks!
The boys are definitely yard-babies and pretty much live outside in the yard every free second that they have. Summer is definitely here!

Warming up with playing some catch.

The Green PNC Bank Team (two girls are on the team, but weren't at the game tonight). This is quite the outgoing and rambunctious group of kids!

Popsicles from the sponsors after the game.

Living the dream...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

 The boys were very excited about Father's Day, and we've realized that Jax will tell what the gifts are now, haha!
We went up to see our grandfathers and Jason's dad on Saturday, and then we had a nice day at home in some beautiful weather on Sunday. We actually power washed our patio while the boys played in a kiddy pool, slip-n-slide and the hose. We went for a boat ride with our neighbors on Pewaukee Lake later that night and had some dinner after.
It's Monday already! Enjoy the week!

4 generations of Lettenberger men.

The boys are too short, but they make it work!

Happy Father's Day!

A slow ride with Nate and Matt on the lake.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sensory Defensiveness and a big old storm

Jax had his first Occupational Therapy session at the hospital today, and he loved it, but he definitely had to work very hard. The therapist gave me some information and a 'medical brush' to take home. She said that after she reviewed Jaxon's scores and other paperwork, she realized he actually does have some sensory defensiveness and I need to do the 'brushing technique' and joint compression with him twice a day. She trained me how to do it and said that it desensitizes his body and his senses so he is more aware of his body and less sensitive to how things 'feel'.
An OT did this with Jax when he was an infant and he also required a weighted blanket in order to calm enough to sleep (that seems like 100 years ago), but I remember how it helped him get over his extreme distaste for the feel of grass, leaves, hay and loud noises. Apparently, Jax would still benefit from this form of help.

I asked if this could be part of his issues in the classroom and she said that it absolutely is. It's hard to focus on something when you're sensitive to everything around you. She thinks it will help with his attention and even his potty training (to be more aware of his body).
Jax will actually see this therapist now until December since insurance agrees with the therapist that Jax isn't covered enough at school... yeah, I just wrote that... and didn't have to call anyone, write any letters or get emotionally all worked up.

I think this therapy will be so great for Jax, and even Brady gets to participate if the gym rooms aren't too full. So, today both boys did the activities together, which included pulling themselves across the floor on floor scooters, while laying on their bellies, collecting marbles and returning them to a different area. Jax struggled after awhile, but he grunted and tried SO hard, my heart almost burst. Then they had to use pincher untensils to move the marbles, and only holding them in particular ways. It was amazing to watch these 'play' activities really work to strengthen Jax's arms, fingers and overall body while working on very particular fine motor skills.

I wish he didn't need all of this, but we know it's for the best. I think working the brushing technique and joint compressions into our daily routine will take some getting used to, but it's the same type of thing we have to do with Jax's mouth before chewing-therapy (we desensitize his mouth with a specific tool to get him ready to have food in his mouth). The therapist said it's a full body 'Dyspraxia' that Jax exhibits, whereas Brady's all focused in his speech as Apraxia. Which we pretty much knew. She mentioned that Jax's legs are extremely tight along with his low muscle tone. I'm hoping all this therapy helps that.

In other new things going on, the boys started their summer 'Blast Ball' tonight. We went early to get familiar with all the equipment (Jay is one of the coaches) and let the boys play for awhile until the other kids came. About 10 minutes into practice, we had a downpour of rain and the tornado sirens went off, OY!
The boys are very excited about this and are really looking forward to next week. I can already tell that Jax is helping a few other shy little boys feel more comfortable. How do you not want to play with a small little dude walking up and saying, "HI, I'm Daxon. We're on the same team, let's play!" I could just eat him up.  Brady loves to RUN the bases and waves with a huge grin at every new boy that comes around. Such friendly little guys these boys are...

I took the boys to the beach on Tuesday afternoon before Jax's feeding therapy (a nearby park with a man-made lake). So fun!

Practice with Daddy before the big storm came.

Jax working hard in Occupational Therapy. He has to pull himself toward the dart board with only his arms and grab a ball.

** And yes, I've started using some local raw honey from the Farmer's Market, and so far I'm loving it. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but I'm sleeping much better and haven't had a nose bleed all week, but my allergies are still present, although I'm only on day 5, so we'll see!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend of fun for the kiddos

The boys had a great weekend. We had originally planned to go up to Green Bay on Sunday to see my grandpa, but my allergies got so bad, I was nervous I had a hidden cold, so we're planning to go up next weekend instead.
We took the boys to a church picnic where all the neighborhood kids go to school on Saturday. The boys had a BLAST riding the rides with all the kids. We took the boys to a Brewer game on Sunday, and of course, were in Heaven.
We have a free week at home before Brady's speech-summer-school starts up along with other various therapies for Jax. Jax has been a little pukey here and there lately, which isn't uncommon for him, but I think it's contributing to his anti-eating again. We feel like drill sergeants to get this kid to eat a meal lately, grrr!

The boys enjoying rides with Grant.

And with Kate!

Brewer game with Daddy.

Aoki faces!

We were in the right field where Aoki plays, the boys were so pumped!

I mean... at what point do they get burned out about all-things-related-Brewers??

Friday, June 7, 2013

Look at them grow!

Err, age! (they're still so tiny!)
The kids are officially done with their "SN 3K" class, and they'll be going on to a regular 4K class this fall! When I told Jax he was done with school, he asked if he'd ever go back. I said YES, you'll be going to 4K in the fall. His response?
"No, I go to 5K!"
Um... let's just call it preschool from now on, ok? I had no idea he'd pick up on the fact they're held back (or that he technically repeated 3k this year), so I'll avoid the early complex and default to 'preschool'!

Here are some photos of them this week while we're outside waiting for the bus!

This was the boys on their first day of school last Sept '12 (I'm still embarrassed by Brady's tucked in shirt!)   

Here they are this week - look at these boys!

Last day off the bus, this photo was just funny.

Time for summer!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Local Raw Honey?

So I've been having pretty extreme allergies over the past couple of weeks (which all just started up on me at the ripe age of 32 last year), and while I wait until JULY 1 to see an Allergist, I've been told of some other options to start trying, and one was local raw honey.
After doing a very short stint of research, I understand why this theory exists, and a few friends have told me it really does help. (Your body builds up a resistance to the pollen in your area like a vaccine when you ingest the honey over time)
So, to all my bloggy friends out there - do you have any experience with this? Tell me about it if you have!
I found a local bee hive (I just like to call it that) a few miles from my house that I could buy some honey from, but talk to me first people!
I'd like to be able to stand being outside with my kids again, and to not feel extremely exhausted and want to nap (?nap? So foreign to this girl) or the non-stop bloody noses (oh yeah, they're back with a vengeance and even happening in the middle of the night, lovely) or even the simplicity of sleeping with my mouth shut. (I think I've painted an amazing picture of my blinding beauty with all of that.)

*I promise great pictures tomorrow of the boy's last day of 3k tomorrow!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Outdoor warriors

The boys take advantage of any rain-free moment to play outside, and you can bet that's what they did this past weekend!

We were hoping to get back up north to visit my grandpa in the hospital, but he's been having complications this past week including a staph infection and broken rib (?), so we need to stay out of the room given Jax's condition with the open feeding tube port and daily steroids (lower immune function), so I'm sad to feel so far away. Please throw over any good thoughts or prayers for some better luck and healing if you could please.

This week looks a bit rainy and colder, so thankfully the boys still have school, but this is their last week! I need to find ideas for some teacher gifts - they've been so amazing with the boys all year! Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jax has been learning to peddle! He's working on building strength in his legs and will next work on control of steering, but he's on his way! (His friend Kate loves to help him!)

Brady playin' a little b-ball.

A full-on baseball game is going on here.