Monday, June 24, 2013

Life's a beach!

Well... at least for a few hours once in awhile.
Saturday's weather wasn't very great, so we took the opportunity to get some much needed work done since we are busy every weekend for a long time going forward. We cleaned out our back storage room and made some trips to Goodwill. It was a long overdo project!
We took the boys out for dinner for a family date afterward, which was nice.
With much nicer weather on Sunday, we took the boys to the beach, ran some errands, and ended the night with pizza, not a bad weekend.

In kid-news, Brady is definitely 'potty trained' with accidents very far and few between. I think he's had one in the last week... or two. His Pull Up is dry about 75% of the time when waking up in the morning, so he's doing really well with overnights as well.
Jax is getting much better, but still has a problem when engaged in play. He still has an accident every 2-3 days, but thankfully it's only ever urine!

I had to stop using the essential oils on Brady's legs (Molluscum) because it was irritating his eczema too much, so we're playing the waiting game. The boy's have their 5 yr physicals in 3 weeks (holy cow) so we can consult the doctor about it again then.
Jaxon's vomiting comes and goes in spurts as usual, but it's only with meal time volume-intolerance, so that's all still pretty much the same. His eating has better weeks than others. He is supposed to attend an out-patient clinic at the hospital for 2 days in July, and then we'll beef up his private therapy sessions after that to hopefully get him over his current hump of chewing issues. He understands to chew food, but he doesn't understand how to use his tongue, so he still sturggles. We're working on it!

Brady is doing well with his 3x/weekly summer school speech sessions, and says "Momom" instead of "Gaga" each time he says my name now. His approximations for other words are getting better as well, but no other actual words yet - he's a work in progress for sure, and a cute one to boot!

Jay and the boys on Sunday.

The boys showing me their book-picks at bedtime last night.

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