Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Local Raw Honey?

So I've been having pretty extreme allergies over the past couple of weeks (which all just started up on me at the ripe age of 32 last year), and while I wait until JULY 1 to see an Allergist, I've been told of some other options to start trying, and one was local raw honey.
After doing a very short stint of research, I understand why this theory exists, and a few friends have told me it really does help. (Your body builds up a resistance to the pollen in your area like a vaccine when you ingest the honey over time)
So, to all my bloggy friends out there - do you have any experience with this? Tell me about it if you have!
I found a local bee hive (I just like to call it that) a few miles from my house that I could buy some honey from, but talk to me first people!
I'd like to be able to stand being outside with my kids again, and to not feel extremely exhausted and want to nap (?nap? So foreign to this girl) or the non-stop bloody noses (oh yeah, they're back with a vengeance and even happening in the middle of the night, lovely) or even the simplicity of sleeping with my mouth shut. (I think I've painted an amazing picture of my blinding beauty with all of that.)

*I promise great pictures tomorrow of the boy's last day of 3k tomorrow!


Valerie said...

I know some people who swear by this. It didn't work for my brother, but he swears by bee pollen. He is in TX and buys it at a local farmers market. Not sure if there is any sold at markets around here. If you try the honey, I believe Health Hut also carries local honey.

Christina said...

Start slow! I started with a whole teaspoon and well was not a great reaction :(

Matt & Shana said...

We used local honey and bee pollen in TX as well. We picked it up at the farmer's market in our area. I didn't see a negative effect but I'm not sure if it helped either. Just for reference my main allergy is grass and Matt is allergic to everything (grass, pollen, cats you name it) most of which lead to ezcema for him. Not the patchy kind the all over the body kind. I agree with Christina - start slowly especially with the bee pollen. As in grains in the beginning. That stuff is potent!! Good Luck!!

Momma Bird said...

I do not have experience with this but have heard about it. Let us know how it goes if you decide to do it. In theory, it makes sense to me.

Brittany Vail said...

It works wonderfully for me. I buy a local raw honey here in Arizona. I'm allergic to antihistamines, so this was a last ditch effort to see if I could get some relief. I don't do the spoonfuls of it though. I drink several mugs of tea during the day, so I mix it in with it. I noticed a big change. We have mesquite trees right behind our wall, and I was drying from their blooms. The honey is actually made using mesquite blossoms, and I don't have any problems with the pollen from those trees anymore.. and it's coating everything in our backyard. I have to rinse everything off once a day because there's so much pollen and dust building up in twenty-four hours. I'm not having a problem with the dust, other trees, or our flower garden anymore. It's definitely worth trying, but pay attention to what the raw honey is made with. You'll find many different kinds that are made from specific plants in your area. I've seen twenty different varieties just where I'm at.