Friday, June 7, 2013

Look at them grow!

Err, age! (they're still so tiny!)
The kids are officially done with their "SN 3K" class, and they'll be going on to a regular 4K class this fall! When I told Jax he was done with school, he asked if he'd ever go back. I said YES, you'll be going to 4K in the fall. His response?
"No, I go to 5K!"
Um... let's just call it preschool from now on, ok? I had no idea he'd pick up on the fact they're held back (or that he technically repeated 3k this year), so I'll avoid the early complex and default to 'preschool'!

Here are some photos of them this week while we're outside waiting for the bus!

This was the boys on their first day of school last Sept '12 (I'm still embarrassed by Brady's tucked in shirt!)   

Here they are this week - look at these boys!

Last day off the bus, this photo was just funny.

Time for summer!

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Matt & Shana said...

I love that they are wearing fleece jackets this late in the year! :)