Monday, June 3, 2013

Outdoor warriors

The boys take advantage of any rain-free moment to play outside, and you can bet that's what they did this past weekend!

We were hoping to get back up north to visit my grandpa in the hospital, but he's been having complications this past week including a staph infection and broken rib (?), so we need to stay out of the room given Jax's condition with the open feeding tube port and daily steroids (lower immune function), so I'm sad to feel so far away. Please throw over any good thoughts or prayers for some better luck and healing if you could please.

This week looks a bit rainy and colder, so thankfully the boys still have school, but this is their last week! I need to find ideas for some teacher gifts - they've been so amazing with the boys all year! Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jax has been learning to peddle! He's working on building strength in his legs and will next work on control of steering, but he's on his way! (His friend Kate loves to help him!)

Brady playin' a little b-ball.

A full-on baseball game is going on here.


Unknown said...

Gift cards along with handwritten notes are the best!

Melissa said...

I loved some of the gift cards I received this year from students. I also received some beautiful plants that I will plant in my garden.