Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sensory Defensiveness and a big old storm

Jax had his first Occupational Therapy session at the hospital today, and he loved it, but he definitely had to work very hard. The therapist gave me some information and a 'medical brush' to take home. She said that after she reviewed Jaxon's scores and other paperwork, she realized he actually does have some sensory defensiveness and I need to do the 'brushing technique' and joint compression with him twice a day. She trained me how to do it and said that it desensitizes his body and his senses so he is more aware of his body and less sensitive to how things 'feel'.
An OT did this with Jax when he was an infant and he also required a weighted blanket in order to calm enough to sleep (that seems like 100 years ago), but I remember how it helped him get over his extreme distaste for the feel of grass, leaves, hay and loud noises. Apparently, Jax would still benefit from this form of help.

I asked if this could be part of his issues in the classroom and she said that it absolutely is. It's hard to focus on something when you're sensitive to everything around you. She thinks it will help with his attention and even his potty training (to be more aware of his body).
Jax will actually see this therapist now until December since insurance agrees with the therapist that Jax isn't covered enough at school... yeah, I just wrote that... and didn't have to call anyone, write any letters or get emotionally all worked up.

I think this therapy will be so great for Jax, and even Brady gets to participate if the gym rooms aren't too full. So, today both boys did the activities together, which included pulling themselves across the floor on floor scooters, while laying on their bellies, collecting marbles and returning them to a different area. Jax struggled after awhile, but he grunted and tried SO hard, my heart almost burst. Then they had to use pincher untensils to move the marbles, and only holding them in particular ways. It was amazing to watch these 'play' activities really work to strengthen Jax's arms, fingers and overall body while working on very particular fine motor skills.

I wish he didn't need all of this, but we know it's for the best. I think working the brushing technique and joint compressions into our daily routine will take some getting used to, but it's the same type of thing we have to do with Jax's mouth before chewing-therapy (we desensitize his mouth with a specific tool to get him ready to have food in his mouth). The therapist said it's a full body 'Dyspraxia' that Jax exhibits, whereas Brady's all focused in his speech as Apraxia. Which we pretty much knew. She mentioned that Jax's legs are extremely tight along with his low muscle tone. I'm hoping all this therapy helps that.

In other new things going on, the boys started their summer 'Blast Ball' tonight. We went early to get familiar with all the equipment (Jay is one of the coaches) and let the boys play for awhile until the other kids came. About 10 minutes into practice, we had a downpour of rain and the tornado sirens went off, OY!
The boys are very excited about this and are really looking forward to next week. I can already tell that Jax is helping a few other shy little boys feel more comfortable. How do you not want to play with a small little dude walking up and saying, "HI, I'm Daxon. We're on the same team, let's play!" I could just eat him up.  Brady loves to RUN the bases and waves with a huge grin at every new boy that comes around. Such friendly little guys these boys are...

I took the boys to the beach on Tuesday afternoon before Jax's feeding therapy (a nearby park with a man-made lake). So fun!

Practice with Daddy before the big storm came.

Jax working hard in Occupational Therapy. He has to pull himself toward the dart board with only his arms and grab a ball.

** And yes, I've started using some local raw honey from the Farmer's Market, and so far I'm loving it. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but I'm sleeping much better and haven't had a nose bleed all week, but my allergies are still present, although I'm only on day 5, so we'll see!

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cat said...

L gets brushed and compressed about 4 times a day - apparently apart from the sensory plusses it also helps to activate muscles and let them work more.