Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer is here!

T-Ball is officially underway and the boys are of course, obsessed. They played their first game tonight, and they did great.
Brady is now attending his speech summer school sessions, and while he was really upset the first day, he now loves it. Jax and I hang out in the library or on the playground while Brady has his session, so we get some good alone time together. It's every Mon, Tues and Wed, so that's a lot of therapy for the next few weeks!
The boys are definitely yard-babies and pretty much live outside in the yard every free second that they have. Summer is definitely here!

Warming up with playing some catch.

The Green PNC Bank Team (two girls are on the team, but weren't at the game tonight). This is quite the outgoing and rambunctious group of kids!

Popsicles from the sponsors after the game.

Living the dream...

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