Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend of fun for the kiddos

The boys had a great weekend. We had originally planned to go up to Green Bay on Sunday to see my grandpa, but my allergies got so bad, I was nervous I had a hidden cold, so we're planning to go up next weekend instead.
We took the boys to a church picnic where all the neighborhood kids go to school on Saturday. The boys had a BLAST riding the rides with all the kids. We took the boys to a Brewer game on Sunday, and of course, were in Heaven.
We have a free week at home before Brady's speech-summer-school starts up along with other various therapies for Jax. Jax has been a little pukey here and there lately, which isn't uncommon for him, but I think it's contributing to his anti-eating again. We feel like drill sergeants to get this kid to eat a meal lately, grrr!

The boys enjoying rides with Grant.

And with Kate!

Brewer game with Daddy.

Aoki faces!

We were in the right field where Aoki plays, the boys were so pumped!

I mean... at what point do they get burned out about all-things-related-Brewers??

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