Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 yr physicals

The boys had their 5 yr old physicals on Monday. We all know they're small, so no need to rehash all that! The good news is that Brady has remained on his own curve pretty well, so even at 5%, it's a healthy steady gaining. Jax of course has a very lousy curve with pretty much no gaining of weight over the year.
Because of Jax's poor growth, the pediatrician agreed he needs to have the EGD (scope) done by the GI specialist. She said he doesn't have the luxury of assuming "he's just a puker" without exploring all options first. She plans to call the Specialist and consult with him about also taking tissue from Jax's mouth since he has some odd whitish bumps on the roof. She said it may be nothing, but just to check it out.
She also gives her support for Jax to move forward with the hGH treatments once approved by insurance from the Endocrinologist. So that was nice to go over once more with another doctor.

Brady's Mulluscom was a bit worse and he also had an eczema flare up from being in pools all weekend. She said he was re-infecting himself with all the eczema, so that's why his Mulluscom (bumps on his legs) is still around and looking bad right now. I'm using his steroid cream for a few weeks and still going to try and forge through the bumps without seeing a Dermatologist for them, but we'll see how the next few months go.
Brady also has classic symptoms of seasonal allergies now. Jay and I noticed he had been snoring and sleeping with his mouth open, random running noses and just all around not doing well with bug bites. The doc said he had the classic 'allergy crease' on the top of his nose (which shows the nose itches) and when she looked inside his nose/throat, she said it looked very 'allergic'. So Brady is now on a nasal allergy spray and we should see a difference in two weeks. She said it will help with ear infections as well, so I'm glad we caught this.

The boys will have their eyes and teeth rechecked this fall (preemies have to have pediatric Ophthalmologists check each year) even though they passed the test the nurse administered in the office. This was the first year they could actually communicate well enough to do that test! Brady was SO cute approximating the words (girkle = circle, gare = square, gackle = apple and HOUSE = house). The doc liked his game plan for speech for 4k and hopes for more improvements. She's been watching all his reports and knows this will be a long road for him, but we all hold out hope.

Jax is showing some feeding improvements from the 2x therapy sessions with Nick back-to-back this week. Nick sent me a video of Jax feeding HIMSELF an entire Goldfish cracker - check it out down below!

Every time I think the boys are getting so old, I realize I can still do THIS at a store with them...

Brady being a thug.

Boys playing with some neighbors.


pyjammy pam said...

Love the video! He looks SO proud! <3

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, I *love* that video! I felt a huge swell of pride for him and I'm not even his mom. Lol! Good work, Jax. :)