Sunday, July 21, 2013


We had a weekend full of swimming!
We grilled out Friday night and had tons of a pool-time on Saturday at Rachel's pool, and then another full day on Sunday at our neighbor's country club. The boys have been loving the water, so we've decided to find them some swimming lessons this winter.
Back to a busy week starting tomorrow, so it was nice while it lasted!

Jason and Jax taking laps

Brady warming up with Grant and Kate.

Brady at Rachel's house.

Jax at Rachel's house.

Rachel snuggling up to Brady.

Rachel and Janel with the boys.

Yes, this was happening in the house last week. We had a water leak through our living room ceiling as a result of Jason 'fixing' our master bath faucets... (sigh). It's all fixed up and just needs paint now, so at least the room is back in commission again!

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