Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday!

The boys had a great baseball party yesterday. We kept the party small and are trying to eventually shift it to be more kids than adults. The kids played baseball, hit a pinata and even smashed cake into Brady's face, which of course, he loved!
Jax had a few moments where he wasn't doing the best and kept needing to sit in the shade with water. My mom and I cooled him down with wet wash clothes and brought him in to check his asthma signs. He later vomited outside, but of course... ran off without incident afterward. Later that evening we realized Jax had a bulls-eye shaped bug bite with what looked like a STINGER in the middle. Jason used a tweezer to pull it out and apply antibiotic ointment. Now we wonder if he was stung by a bee and never said anything. His pain tolerance is so different than other people!

Brady's GI system is a bit 'off' this morning, and I'll leave it at that, but that seems to happen after parties where he gets lots of sugar, food dye and all around junk. Gotta let the kid indulge sometimes!

Today is their official birthday and we're heading up to Green Bay to see Grandpa for his 80th birthday! He finally came home from the hospital on Friday after 2 months from his heart surgery. He comes to us each year on his birthday, and this year, I said we'd come to him for a birthday dinner with the rest of the family. We're so happy he's out of the hospital!

We will do something fun with the boys this afternoon before going, and it should be a really great day, I can't believe these kiddos are FIVE now! I still stand behind the 'long days, short years' theory, but soon enough, they'll be in kindergarten (one more year!) and I won't be home with them each day as their primary care taker... the years will really start to fly then I think (tear). I know they're still considered 'preschoolers', but they have definitely become 'kids' now.

Jason, Janel and I tied balloons to her gifts to the them and put them in their room while they were sleeping. What a fun surprise to wake up to for them!

Happy Boys

A morning filled with giggles.

The boy's cakes were awesome!

Some grandparents and friends.

Some of the kids.

The 'peanuts, crackerjacks and Gatorade' station for the game.

Baseball pinata

One of the games.

The kids (minus the Bonin twins)

There they are! Look at the baseball dress Shannon made! Too cute!
Cake time!

Brady loved it!

Love him!

The family

Jason and Jax.

Jason and Brady, er.. Bernie Brewer...

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Matt & Shana said...

It looks like an amazing day!!! Happy 5th birthday to the 2 cutest boys I know!!!