Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Whew, we've had a busy few days!
We left for the Garber Cottage on Thursday and some gorgeous days up on Loon Lake with some of our best friends. The boys love fishing, tubing, boating and jet skiing so much that I see a future with Jason on the water often as they grow up.
Jax's GI and asthma issues were a little testy throughout the weekend. We're assuming he was still purging his cold from last week. He needed a few extra inhaler rounds and by Saturday, I was hand syringing in his meals to keep some calories and fluid in him. He wasn't chronically vomiting, but he wasn't doing well at meal times. He would fight us to eat or drink, and then he'd vomit it all up. Poor kid.
He's doing better at home now and seems to be bouncing back with full meals by mouth again. He sees his private feeding therapist twice this week with the outpatient clinic next week, so I'm glad his tummy is settling down.
We have a busy week of therapy appointments, their baseball game and before we know it... it will be the boy's FIFTH birthday this weekend... wow, when did that happen? Ask me if I'm ready for their party... lol, no. That is my goal in between life this week! July is just always our busiest month of the year. Lots of fun, but LOTS of going, going, going!

Brady and Macy

The gang


Jason and Jax

Big B

Jason and Jax tubing (Jax is a little maniac with anything of sport)

My studs

Brady dancing in his grilling outfit from the Garbers. (Yeah... he has no pants on, that's normal, right?)

** I'll attach many more photos later in the week!

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