Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Therapies

Brady finished his summer speech therapy this week. I can't believe it's mid-July and he's had 12 sessions already! He picked some flowers at the store for his therapist to say thank you, and he was SO cute about it. When we got to the school, his therapist was finishing up with another student and her father. Brady hid the flowers behind his back so she didn't see them. When she came over to us, he pulled them out and giggled. I'm raising a little Romeo!

After his session, the therapist gave me a handout with ideas of how to keep Brady going over the next two months until school starts back up. I asked her if she felt Brady would speak perfectly some day and she sort of looked stunned. I apologized and told her that I'm growing increasingly worried about him now that he's turning 5 and still can't say his own name and is still at only 10% intelligibility. She put her hand on my shoulder and told me how she does have a high school student who was rather severely apraxic, and she speaks 'pretty good' now, but still remains in therapy and will most likely always have an impediment. Although, she wasn't quite as severe as Brady, but she didn't see her until the age of 9, so 'maybe' she was as severe younger.
Now... WHY do I ask these awful dreaded questions??

Of course, this is her opinion from seeing Brady 12 times, but I wasn't shocked. I would've been more shocked if she said, "yup, he should really pull it together by 1st grade!" and yet, I still wish for that. She told me she's more concerned that his reading and writing will be most affected without expressive speech. We'll just have to work hard over the next year to gain as many skills as possible! He has 4x/weekly sessions starting in Sept for the entire year, so this will be a great year for him.

Jax had Occupational Therapy at the hospital last night before his t-ball game. This therapy is SO amazing for him. It works on strength training, balance, core muscles, fine motor skills, self-care and his dreaded pencil holding/writing. The therapist had such an issue getting him to hold a pencil properly that she put him in a special pencil grip to guide him. She gave me one to take home. Typically they don't like children using these because they get too used to them and depend on them, but she said it's necessary for him right now.

He did better with scissors and self-care. He had some issues with balance and strength while doing an activity in the gym, but he was DETERMINED and when he got a free pass to skip one round, he refused, placed himself back at the front and re-did it. Gotta love that determination! He is much more interested in the physical drills, rather than the fine-motor drills seated at a table.
He got quite squirly and wasn't being a good listener or rule-follower when seated at the table. The therapist seated him on top of a rubber stabilizer for him to work on core muscle strength AND help him with attention and focus. It didn't really work.

The therapist said he tries to distract her to get out of the drill (much like what Brady does when asked to speak). I told her I wanted to jump in and discipline him so badly, but I didn't want to interrupt her therapy. We decided that next week, I will not attend the session so she can do the drills with her own discipline.

Jax has a busy week next week with his 2-day outpatient Feeding Clinic. We'll attend lunch and dinner for two days for some intensive chewing therapy with the team, then back to twice weekly with the private therapist after. I'm excited at the possibility of better eating!

This weekend the boys turn 5 and have their baseball party that they've been asking for since spring. It's so cute how EXCITED they are for their birthday. I love these years!
The party is Saturday, and then on Sunday, which is their actual birthday, we'll be headed up north to see my Grandpa for his 80th birthday. He will be released from the hospital tomorrow after 2 months in the hospital from heart surgery. What a great weekend for the guys in my life ;)

Many pictures to come on Monday, be prepared!

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