Tuesday, August 27, 2013

EGD Complete

Jax's EGD went well today, he is such a little trooper. The GI specialist gave me a print out of pictures from Jax's scope. It all looked good and healthy without any damage or evidence of obvious issues. We were a bit worried he had some damage from all the vomiting.

They took tissue samples that will take about a week to process. The doc said it's not uncommon to have positive test results for something even with a good looking scope, but it's not as likely either. So, I have my hopes up for a bunch of negative tests and that Jax will be labeled as a 'puker'. The doc said he has a few ex-preemie patients who are slowly growing out of being 'pukers', so if that is the case, then he will most likely (hopefully) just continue to get better the bigger he gets. Although there are some options the doc will discuss with us to explore if this is indeed the case. Can you tell I really plan on this being the case??

One interesting fact of the day was Jax's height and weight. Now I know that all scales are different, so I always take it with a grain of salt, but Jax shows a 1/2" height, and 2 lb gain from 6 weeks ago. Um...??? That's crazy. I could see a half pound or cm or something, so I'm VERY interested to see how he fares at the GI/Feeding clinic scale for real comparison. The doc and I agreed that he actually does LOOK better than he really ever has (since 12 months old when actually chubby and fed directly into the intestines).

So I wonder... could hGH really have done something in just 2 weeks? Seems a bit far fetched, right? Huh...

Getting ready in pre-op and being very brave.

Rachel and Brady in the toy area of the waiting room.

Jax post op and doing pretty well.

I had to test 3 ounces of Pedialyte through his tube to see if he could tolerate it to go home home.


Momma Bird said...

This all is probably our next step with Miles....not looking forward to it....Glad all went well for Mac.

Momma Bird said...


Michele said...

Given all his extra sleeping, I can totally see the weight gain and growth being real. I hope it's true! And yay for the preliminary EGD results being clear. Woot!