Monday, August 19, 2013

Health is a Blessing

We've had a busy weekend, and yet found some decent downtime at home on Sunday. We picked up my cousin from the airport on Saturday and headed up to Green Bay to see my grandma. She's sadly been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma this week, so we all wanted to see her and be together on Saturday. We'll find out next week (the day of Jax's EGD) how advanced the cancer is, and the plan of treatment. For now, she's in a nursing home trying to recoup from the recent bout of illness she's had. It's definitely been a rough year for the family. Send good thoughts for grandma please!

I created this 'injection site schedule' and taped it to the inside cover of our supply bin. It's to help ensure we properly move Jax's injection sites without any miscommunication. Yes, these things help me sleep better at night!

My Aunt Janet and cousin Alyssa came into town on Saturday. Here are all of Grandma's girls together - a rare treat!

I 'caught' Jax holding his crayon correctly all by himself when we were at the chiropractor's office! He didn't have enough pressure when trying to write this way, but it's a great first step!

The boys with my aunt and cousin snuggling on the floor at my mom's apartment during the Packer game.

Jay and the boys playing some beach football.

Brady looks good with the perfect Heisman pose!

Brady and I goofing around.

Jax got brave and took his swim shirt off for awhile. He loves to show his MUSCLES! He had to put a shirt back on since we didn't want sand in his g-tube site.

Silly boys showing their muscles.

I typically do the shopping, but just look at this REAL MAN pushing the kids and grocery cart! We checked out the new Woodman's grocery store in our area, and it's HUGE! Totally intimidating!

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