Sunday, August 25, 2013

hGH is the Sandman?!

The hGH injections are going well. Jax no longer gets scared or requires to be held down. He now points out the place and sits nicely while counting. It helps reduce the parent-guilt when he doesn't seem to mind it.
We've discovered one benefit to it already.
Jax sleeps 1-2 hrs longer in the morning since starting it. Brady always required more sleep than Jax, but since they moved into the same room together last year, Brady has been woken up by Jax each morning when he gets up, so he's been losing sleep. Now Brady gets that extra sleep in the morning, and Jax is getting more rest. I did a quick search online if this may have just been a coincidence, and it seems that it's not. There are tons of reports that it gives longer deeper sleep cycles necessary for growth. Their bedtime is around 7:30pm. They were getting up anywhere between 6:00-7:00am, sometimes a random 5:30am would get thrown in. Now they sleep until about 7:00am-8:00am depending on the day's activities. If they go to bed later, they actually sleep later, where in the past, Jax was up at the same time no matter what time going down. He also fell asleep in the CAR when driving home late during his bedtime last weekend from Green Bay, say what now? It's lovely!!

We've had a lot of activities over the past few days. I took the boys swimming Friday afternoon, and then Jason took them to a local high school football game that night. They got haircuts and some school clothes shopping in on Saturday after the boys played at the YMCA. They then got to play and watch a fun singer at a party on Sunday.

Jax's chewing is still coming along. He has good days and bad days of course, but at least he now chews at least a few pieces of 'something' before starting his puree/milk meal. He still requires to have his mouth desensitized before chewing to prep him for it, but he has started practicing on fruit (peeled/sliced grape, raspberry, peaches, pears), so he's moving forward. Tonight he had 4 Coco Puffs, and he did great until the last puff. He gagged and puked at the end (sigh), but he had decent confidence and good crunches.

Jax has his EGD procedure on Tuesday morning, so send out some good thoughts/prayers that it all goes smoothly and we don't get any bad reports/results from the biopsies. I'll update Tuesday evening with how it all went.

This is a typical sampling of things Jax uses in feeding therapy. We have at least 10 boxes of different cereals all the time now to explore different shapes, tastes and textures. Brady is loving it! Here we have Trix, Lucky Charms, Cliff's Kids granola bar, Goldfish crackers, Gerber cheese puffs, Angry Bird Graham crackers, Chex, Cheerios, Fresh Fruit and some Jello.

Oliva and Brady at the 'End-of-Summer/Birthday' party.

Jax did a photo-bomb!

New friends

An awesome singer/performer named Magic Mama!

The kids LOVED playing instruments and singing along.

Brady barely left the drums.

The boys digging for 'treasures' in the yard.

Jaxon and that tongue!

I took the boys to the pool on Friday. The boys discovered GOGGLES.

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