Sunday, August 4, 2013

State Fair Time!

It's State Fair time! We spent the day eating things on sticks, drinking 'beer floats' and actually spending some time in the 'carnival' area of the fair now that the boys can go on some rides. The boys love the fair so much and we had a blast!

A shot of Papa Lettenberger and all the kids playing ball from a couple weekends ago.

Nana Jayne and the boys.

The boys having some fun at Children's Hospital last Thursday.

Brady flying a kite!

Fun in the yard with kites.

This is what happens when you run into a tree while watching your kite...

The boys petting a cow at the State Fair.

Aaaand checking out the butt...

Fishing for a 'Minion' prize!

On a ride with Janel!

About to go into a Haunted House!

We think Brady will think twice before asking for the Haunted House again ;)