Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School!

The boys started 4k today, too cute!
We soaked up the final days of summer this past week. The boys had their Open House and school photos on Thursday after Jax's OT appointment at the hospital. It was pretty chaotic, but I'm glad to drop off all those supplies and get familiar with their classrooms in advance. The boys are on different floors, but they didn't seem to mind. I think splitting them up now versus a year or two from now is probably best since we were able to make them think it was 'cool' to have their own teachers.
I just need to get used to two sets of teachers/aides/therapists/programs - there's so many for each of them!
Their teachers were SO nice and I could tell they examined the boy's IEPs in advance when meeting them. Brady's teacher only asked him "yes or no" questions and introduced him to his "special teacher" right away (he has a special needs teacher who observes him each day). I was so impressed that she knew to not ask him questions that required detailed speech responses, whew!
I've been trying to iron out the bus schedule since at first the boys were scheduled to be on the bus for over an HOUR each way... um, no. I got a call last night saying they gave them their own bus, but then the time was too close to class starting, so they were late today, so hopefully that all gets figured out by tomorrow. It's a new bus company with super cool 6 point harness seats, so no more harnesses, woot!

Jason with Derek and Kurt (graduated HS together) and all their kids Saturday afternoon for the Badger game. Our boys were just scolded for sticking out their tongues!

Yes, Saturday night football was on our patio with some neighbors.

Large water slide for a Labor Day party at our neighbor's house. The kids played from 12-8!

Large scavenger hunt after dinner!

I found Jay up in a tree on Sunday with our neighbor. Yup, cutting down branches and trees.. you know, totally normal...
First day of 4k!

Bus Driver - Mr Eric!

Jax looking HEALTHY! His new shoes that camo his ankle braces pretty good!

Brady during his Open House. I see he wrote his name front and CENTER on his class board.

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