Friday, September 6, 2013

Biopsy results and a home visit

The biopsy results from Jax's EGD came back normal/negative, which is great, and mostly expected news. The doc believes Jax has an extremely sensitive GI system due to prematurity, that will hopefully continue to get better with time and growth.

The GI nurse called to tell me that the doc had called in a prescription (Cyproheptadine) for Jax to use that could help. It induces hunger and also relaxes the stomach. Buuuut it's an antihistamine drug as well, so it would make him sleepy. How in the heck am I supposed to give that to him when he wakes up and expect a productive day? So I decided to hold off on the med until I can talk to the doctor more about it.

The boy's school is closed every Friday for the months of Sept/Oct so the teachers can do home visits. The boys only have school Mon-Thurs anyway, so it makes no difference to us, but Brady's teacher already came to visit us on this first Friday! She said that "due to Brady's disability, she'd prefer to meet right away"... ouch.
The meeting went well. She brought Brady's speech therapist along as well and the scheduled 30 minute meeting lasted 90 minutes! We chatted for quite awhile. I told her that I loved the question, "What are your hopes and dreams for your child this year?" stated on her paperwork that she sent to the parents. I liked the way it was phrased for some reason.

I said that we don't have expectations of our preschooler learning how to do math or become seasoned readers. We just really want our kids to learn a lifetime foundation of kindness, generosity, compassion and how to start deep meaningful relationships. I think THAT will bring them the most happiness throughout their lives.
I know the academic stuff will come.. I mean, come on... like we'd ever let our kids go to bed without going over homework? We know they're cognitively healthy, and we're in it to help them learn 'academics' and be on top of whatever we can.  But that little window of soul-shaping is right NOW, and we'd really like THAT to happen.

Of course I have extreme fears that Brady's lack of expressive speech will really get in the way of learning and social situations, but we're going to just have to do what we can today, to help tomorrow.
One. Day. At. A. Time.

The ladies loved a baby photo of the boys that I had out, and Jax had an NG feeding tube in his nose and an oxygen cannula on his face. The teacher said, "Would you ever have imagined that you'd worry more about Brady in school when they were this age?"

Not in our wildest dreams.

I mean... I might have a photo-taking-problem when we're waiting for the bus...

Brady was my lunch date while Jax was in feeding therapy. Look at his paper bib, HILARIOUS! He is an awesome one-on-one date at restaurants by the way. He eats every last crumb between both our plates.

We had a beautiful Friday afternoon outside today. I wish I could've bottled the day up to keep forever.

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