Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Culture clubs

I went to a wedding back home (2 hrs north in Green Bay) with my mom this past weekend, and the gal I was talking to asked why the HECK does everyone know the same line dances and polka? I said I didn't know... oh, well, maybe the fact we had to take line dancing and polka in gym class during our middle school years could've had something to do with it. She almost spit out her drink laughing so hard. Well, DUH, YEAH, that's why all you northern Wisconsin people dance like this at weddings!!
So, is it like that elsewhere around the country? There are Electric Slides and a whole slew of line dancing/group dancing that goes on. I understand the polka given the extreme German/Polish influence in Wisconsin, but why all the line dancing?
She was also really disturbed by the random coleslaw and cranberry sauce sitting out on the tables before dinner was served. I told her all banquet/supper club type of restaurants always did that. She was mui confused. All the things people never think of or question if it's always been their way of life!

Exhibit A - Polka dancing and loving it.

Exhibit B - Group Dancing/Line Dancing and living the dream.

The "Green Bay Pour". During my last year of college I worked at a bar in GB. My friends from college came up to visit me one night. They could NOT get over how we poured our drinks, wine especially. So when I'm back home and receive a glass a wine, I still have to text photos of it to my old college buddies. Never gets old. Not even 11 years later.

I can't stop with the bus photos. I assume it will get chilly soon and I won't be doing this much longer, so hang in there with me please, lol!

Jax is showing me his boo-boo on his knee.

Just to annoy Nana Letts... (and this was right after a morning bath so their hair was wet, it looked better by school-time, but... still bad ass nonetheless.)


Pam Crawford said...

You have the cutest kids ever!

Matt & Shana said...

Love the "green bay pour" Matt says the same thing every time we go up there, "this place is awesome, let's retire here". He's talking specifically about the price of drinks and the pour :)