Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello Nurse!

The boys got to know the school nurse this week! I called the nurse twice to inform her that Jax's asthma was acting up a tiny bit and that I gave him Albuterol at a specific time and I wanted her to check on him at certain times. That all worked out just fine, but when she called my phone yesterday, my heart sank assuming it was because of his asthma. Nope. He fell down hard in the gym. The therapy he is in for balance and coordination - how ironic, hey!?
He was fine, but we had to watch for head injury signs that night. I had an appointment set for Jax after school that day already for a lung check since Jax used Albuterol into day 3 (even though I felt confident he turned the corner that day and was ok). So the doc checked him out and he was fine.
The great news is that his pulse ox was 100%! Well, it was 99 and bumped up to 100 off and on. Um, Jax has NEVER had a pulse ox reading that high without oxygen on him. How great is that?!

Mr Brady had to see the nurse that day as well because he cut his finger open on the metal fence outside (trying to climb?). Well, the nurse has gotten to know the Lettenberger boys pretty well already! They didn't need to see her for any accidents all of last year, but they're ahead of schedule this year already!

Jax's cold is much better already, and he had a great feeding session at therapy tonight (appointment was moved to today after school instead of his usual Friday). Jax had been vomiting his snacks at school the past two days because of the runny nose/mucus, so today's therapy was good timing. He had some cheesy potato soup that I had made the night prior, two bites of cold pizza, half a cheese stick and a couple crackers (with a cup of Pediasure with heavy whipping cream of course). The therapist said he can tell Jax has regressed just a tiny bit from the cold, but hopefully he'll be back on course again.

Silly boys.

Is this Brady or Clay Matthews?

Jay and the kids playing a little ball after dinner tonight (Wed).

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