Sunday, September 15, 2013

Laid Back

We've had an extremely laid back weekend, which has been nice to relax together as a family, but it's mainly because of the weather and some sickie-bugs in the house. Jason was up all night Thursday night/Friday morning with a stomach virus. He actually stayed in bed most of the day Friday, EEK, that's how bad it was! This hustler never stops working, so you know it was bad! I was so scared that the boys or I would start it shortly after, but knock on wood, none so far. Jax started a runny nose on Friday as well, so taking it easy this weekend wasn't a hard sell.

They were able to get some good outdoor play in on Saturday since it was pretty nice and Jay and I tooled around in the yard working on various mini-projects.
I've been literally waiting for the boys to start a cold since starting school back up, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how minor it's been. KNOCK ON WOOD again of course. Jax's asthma came up a tiny bit today from the cold, so I treated him with some Albuterol and he's been running around like a monkey just fine so far. I'm going to put his humidifier on him tonight and turn his feeding pump waaay down. The last two nights of night feeding bothered him, so I'll learn my lesson!
Jason left this evening for work (blech, I hate it on Sunday nights too!) so here's to hoping the sickies stay manageable and this cold rain lifts soon!

Last Thursday. There are very few days, if any, of wearing shorts to school I think!

The boys at Childrens Hospital after Jax's Occupational Therapy on Friday.

Jax eating his first piece of cereal that was in a bowl with milk! He ate 3 pieces and was very weirded out by the whole situation, lol!

The boys are such goofballs while watching football on Sundays. They pretend to play the game and pretty much just wrestle the entire day.

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