Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Part of Apraxia?

Gack, I'm so behind!
We've had a busy, yet quiet past week. The boys stayed by Rachel and Dennis' house Saturday night while Jay and I had a night in Chicago for our anniversary. It was so nice! The boys were both pretty pumped up to go back to school this week, so they're still liking that thankfully. I'm trying to figure out who all their teachers/therapists are and to keep them straight for each kiddo.
I found out yesterday that Jax has his original speech therapist that he he had the first time he was in 3k (he took it twice), so it's nice to have a familiar face for that knowing it's the most 'involved' therapy he needs.

The latest thing we've really noticed going on with Jax and his Speech Apraxia is that he will repeat the first part of a sentence up to eight times before he can spit out the end of the sentence. Almost like Porky Pig (for lack of a better example). If he's excited or talking too fast, he struggles to spit out the end of a sentence. I'm wondering if that's just a phase of the disorder, like if his language is just developing faster than his speech production so he stumbles a lot... ?? I'm not sure, but am happy to have the contact info again for his new therapist. Mostly he just does it quickly, like he'll say, "Are we, are we, are we, going to kool (school)?" But other times, it can be painful to watch him struggle and say it so many times that you just want to finish the sentence for him!
We have no idea if Brady really does this since his words are still rather difficult to understand, so it's hard to tell if it's just part of the process. If that makes any sense.

The boys are SO into books right now. So even though the speech/language is an issue for them, they still LOVE the written word with pictures. They can't get enough and 'library day' is their favorite day at school. I hope that lasts forever!

I visited a new part of the medical campus on Monday afternoon. I'm always on the east side of the grounds for Childrens Hospital, but now I've seen the other side - The Cancer Center, which is rather impressive. My grandmother has Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma and had an appointment with a specialist at Froedtert's Cancer Center. I was able to attend the appointment with my mom and Grandma and am so glad I did. She got some answers and a new game plan. And of course, a little hope - we're always looking for that in life, right?

With my Grandma.


Allison said...

My four-year-old and her four-year-old best friend do the stuttering thing at the beginning of sentences, too, so I'd lean toward "not apraxia".

Momma Bird said...

As I have said before, I am a speech therapist. The "stuttering thing" could be so many things. It could be coming out as he aquires language as a new "disorder", it could be the motor planning and monitoring piece, or it could also be very typical. One really good thing I would say is that you described "whole word" repetitions versus part-word (e.g., th th th think about). More commonly "disordered" ones are part words and more "typical" ones are whole words. Hope that helps!

Michele said...

My older daughter did something similar at that age - she would pause for long stretches like she couldn't get the words out. I'm sure it's some kind of planning issue. She did outgrow it, just as soon as I was good and worked up about it, lol! From what I recall of looking into it, a lot of kids go through this stage.