Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Sickies

Don't we all have a love/hate relationship with 'back-to-school'?? Ahh yes, the illnesses that the kids share, so lovely.
I had to pick Brady up from school on Tuesday because he started a fever. He then continued to decline once he was home and it turned out he had a full blown stomach bug. He vomited only twice, but slept off and on most of the time.
By Wednesday morning it was Jax's turn. Brady was better by that evening, but Jax is having a tough time kickin' this thing. He was up through the night with issues last night and today I just didn't like his breathing, or the fact I couldn't keep fluid in him for the second day, so we headed to the pediatrician.
The doc confirmed he was asthmatic and not moving air well through his lungs, so he received a breathing treatment, got a throat swab and did a little dehydration test for the doc. After one of his vomiting sessions, we noticed he had dried blood flakes in his vomit. ((sigh)) So we had to wait for the GI doctor to call our pediatrician back to discuss. Since Jax just had a good looking EGD with the GI doc, he suspected that Jax has irritated his tummy/throat from the constant vomiting over the past couple days, so he is going to start taking Prevacid to try and heal things up.
So the game plan is to keep Jax on Zofran (anti-vomiting med), start Prevacid, continue the Albuterol inhaler every 4 hrs and start a slow 2oz/hr Pedialyte pump on him tonight. I assume we'll be plugging him with Zofran as much as we can to actually keep some of that Pedialyte in him!
It's amazing how different the boys are with the same stomach bug, oy. I can't say enough how much HEALTH is a blessing.

Oh, and the pharmacy says they never received the Rx's, but they 'may' be in the voice mail and they'll get back to me tonight if it is in there. Um... thanks. The kid goes to bed at 7:30pm, so at this point I'm definitely annoyed that he didn't get that Prevacid. And I'm tired. And I'll probably be up tonight. People need to tread lightly, lol!

My sickies on Wednesday

Jax at the doctor. He told me after that he was smiling, lol.

Brady's school photo. There's actually a story as to why he's half smiling :) Love this kid.


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