Monday, October 14, 2013


I've got to start updating more often so these posts aren't so long. I know, I know...

Well the good and fun things to report are that the teacher meeting I had at the house on Friday for Jax went really well. The meeting lasted almost 2 hours! But it was a great meeting, and I can officially say it's nice to get 'good' news about your child's academic achievements.  It's not that the boys have never had good reports from teachers, but there's been a lot of discussions about what they need to work on more than anything.
The teachers (his regular 4k teacher and his 'SN' teacher) said he is such a JOY in their class and they always look to him for the hard questions during group sessions. I was shocked, and I felt slightly bad for being shocked, but really?! They had the biggest smiles on their faces and said YES, he is one of the brightest and smartest kids, he just soaks up everything. Um... my heart SOARED in that moment!
I had volunteered in Jax's class the day before, so I was able to see him in his element and I'm so glad I did. He is great in class, but I was definitely reminded that his speech still needs a lot of work. At home, he's known as the talker, but comparing him to Brady isn't reality to how other 4-5 yr olds speak. If I wasn't looking at Jax and what the teacher was holding up, I actually didn't understand what he said half the time. I think we are so used to the language used in the house, we forget that words outside the home and out of context for us are much harder for him to pronounce.
The teachers also said they had zero concern about ADHD for Jax like their was concern last year. He attends and is extremely engaged during group sessions and story time. They see his 'attention' really flutter around when he is asked to do something he is uncomfortable with like writing and drawing. His IEP states he needs to sit by a teacher or aide during this time, and they said it really does help to keep him focused.
He also 'flutters' during play time and is very interested in what everyone else is doing, so he'll go from one activity to the next rather quick. So those are the 'attention' things they need to work on.

Otherwise, Friday evening was fun for the boys. Rachel and Janel came over and tried to bake up as many of our apples that we could that we picked last weekend. We made three recipes and there's STILL a ton left!

On Saturday, we hung at the house and babysat baby Santina for a bit. Jason worked in the yard a lot this weekend  getting more of our bushes/trees cleared away.
Brady started a fever and slight cough this day, and instead of getting better, he was actually a bit worse today (Monday). We thought his cough was a bit too 'croupy' sounding, so I brought him to the doctor and sent Jax to school. Sure enough, he has croup, ugh. The doc said there's some really bad strains going around right now which is making it last 4-5 bad nights instead of the 2-3 as usual. So we'll be on 'stridor' watch with him. He is starting a steroid, so hopefully that will help...

Jax came off the bus looking ill. Say it with me everyone, L.O.V.E.L.Y.
A note in his backpack said he started going downhill the last hour of school and looked nauseous.  The bus driver said he didn't say a word the whole way home. I got him in and checked his temp. About 100 already. Boo. I have a call into the doc asking if we could treat with steroids as a preventative, or if that's something that people don't do and I just made that up, lol. He's already vomited once. I'm just cringing at the thought of what this is going to do to him!

I did however get a phone call from Brady's speech therapist saying that while Brady was out sick today, she took the time to talk to the kids about his iPad and how Brady talks differently than they do. She showed them how it's only for him and her to touch and how he'll use it to talk with them. She said they were all so receptive and sweet about it and they talked about how they still want to play with him and they will try to be patient and kind when he's trying to tell them things. They recorded their voices for many of the photos, so it's the voice of children instead of her. Um... I cried. Heart strings pulled!

Jax peeling up some apples. We kept Santina busy with lots of SNACKS :)

Brady and Rachel measuring the ingredients. And yes, he's in his Halloween costume. He wears it most every second of every day now.

Look at all the leftover apples!!!

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Kimberly said...

The sick part sucks but all of the rest is wonderful!! So proud of Jax. I can only imagine how sweet that message was from all of the kids in Brady's class. You have definitely raised to amazing little boys!