Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun Ride

We've been riding the croup/asthma merry-go-round all week. The boys finished up their steroids on Wednesday, and they were looking good with a left over cough. They went to school on Thursday (I went with to volunteer and keep an eye on Jax) and we watched him totally deteriorate that afternoon. He got pale, nauseous, and the coughing picked up again. I took him home early and I noticed he started a low grade fever. He went straight to the doctor Friday morning and the doctor definitely didn't like his decline on day 5, so he was given 6 more days of steroids (3 full days and 3 days of tapering off). She said his asthma wasn't holding with the croup virus and he started declining 24 hrs after his last dose, so back on he went!
Jax has to go back in next week for a lung-check and to get his flu shot. He's also going to get his daily preventative medication changed to Advair now as well to try and avoid these awful weeks.
Brady got his shot on Friday when I brought Jax in and WHEW, that kid is NOT good at getting shots. He threw himself against the wall and fought me hard! Good thing he doesn't get shots often, geeze.

We were all supposed to go to Valparaiso, IN this weekend with Jason's family to see his cousin play football, but the doctor said no traveling for Jax this weekend. So Jax and I had a "Jaxon and Mama" day today, which was actually really enjoyable. He didn't know where Jason and the rest of the family went this weekend, and since Brady can't communicate well enough to tell him, he just thinks it's a "Daddy and Brady" day.

Jax and I started his Christmas list at Toyland at Fleet Farm and he was in HEAVEN. He thought it was even cool to pick out Christmas pj's for him and Brady. Oddly, we were encountered by some staff and asked to be in the commercial they were shooting. Um, sure, shoot, wish I had showered this day, gah!

Jax and I had movie-time cuddled up on the couch with some great books. He seemed like a rather happy camper when going to bed.

Jax last Monday feeling good on the way to school. I hope he looks like that this Monday!

Big B kicking back at the doctor's office last week. Given his love of costumes, you can imagine his love for the face mask... for days.

Jax's turn the next day. It really wipes him out though. Poor peanut fell into a deep sleep while the doctor and I were talking.

Some 'roid rage' moments from the boys...

This is when I knew Brady felt better!

I took pictures of toys that Jax picked out for his Christmas list. This one really cracked me up!

A ride in the Batmobile is a MUST on a date-day with Mama.

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Momma Bird said...

Poor boys. My boys have honestly been fighting a cold for a month! They seemed to get better and then after just a few days were sick again so it either wasn't really better or got one right after! Ugh. No fun. Especially not fun with the added stuff of your boys (asthma, etc.) Best wishes!