Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun times

That is meant to be serious and sarcastic all at the same time!
Jason helped run and participate in a celebrity softball tournament this weekend and the boys were in heaven of course. Jose Canseco and his ID twin brother Ozzy were on Jason's team which raised money for childhood cancer. The weather was beautiful (until the home run derby portion later on Saturday night after we left) and everyone got oustide, great!

The bad part is that I got the boy's bug and it started on Saturday. I felt tired all day and had a headache, but I just kept attributing it to not eating or drinking enough water that busy day. By the time I left the ballpark, BAM, the fever started and I was down and out until Monday morning, boo. But hey, that's life, right? Just a reminder to get the flu shot/mist soon so I don't get the 'actual' flu, blah!

Jax's nose is running and he had asthma again after coming home from the park on Sunday evening, so that's another great monitoring we're doing. I think we're going to have to consider bringing him to a specialist this winter since his asthma keeps coming around even on the highest dose of his daily preventative. He takes the highest dose inhaler of Flovent twice daily, do any other asthma-moms out there have opinions/advice on daily meds for this? He doesn't have allergy-induced asthma (under developed lungs from IUGR) if that makes a difference - in other words, he'll never grow out of this.

Otherwise, we'll be trying to enjoy this random last burst of beautiful WARM weather these next few days (which I noticed drops 30 degrees to COLD by our picture-day on Sunday, of course!). In the wise words of Phil Robertson, "happy, happy, happy!".

Jason with the Canseco and Lettenberger twins

Watching some softball!

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erinlaughs said...

I would definitely find an asthma specialist. They will have more tricks in their books to treat Jax. I know when my asthma was bad I did Advair until things improved, and then scaled back to Flovent. If things get bad now I immediately do my Flovent four times a day.