Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Need planting help!

Wanna know what makes me happy? Well, one thing that makes me happy? Carpet cleaning day! Woo, I'm wild and crazy these days! We've had a busy little day at Casa de Lettenberger with the cable guy coming by to fix things, Jax's medical supply order arriving, his monthly hGH being delivered and prepping the house this morning for our carpets and area rugs to be cleaned. I LOVE clean things, but now we'll be on the boys to be careful about shoes and spills for awhile. WHICH, a certain little boy spilled his chocolate Pediasure on the basement carpet Sunday night prompted me to get the carpets cleaned this week rather than waiting until November as planned. We eat dinner downstairs most Sundays, and there was a bit of an unexpected mess with a dropped cup, oops. I think we're going to enforce cups with lids while eating/drinking over carpet to avoid that drama for awhile.

Otherwise it's business as usual. Jax has stayed on task with announcing LIBRARY DAY when waking up... so we wonder if he'll do that EVERY Wednesday this year, lol!

We had a great time at the apple orchard and pumpkin farm on Sunday, but the lines definitely made the day drag on about 90 minutes longer than we would've liked, but ce la vie. I can't wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot we did while out there! I'm glad we picked that activity to do the photos because the boys were really having such a great time and those are the best memories and moments to capture at this age, isn't it? They REALLY thought picking apples off trees was just so cool.

So, we're in the process of trimming down and back as much of our FORREST as possible, and the trees/bushes/shrubs in front of the garage are all coming down. I have photos below, please help with suggestions!

Jax loving his Packers sweatshirt that used to belong to cousin Aidan!

Our apple bounty! Rachel and I are going to bake them all up with the boys on Friday.

Apple Cidar donuts. MMMM we ate these warm and fresh from the farm while waiting in line for the hay ride :)

(sigh...) Jason is in the process of cutting down, grinding down, pulling out (etc) ALL of our front bushes/trees.

The problem is, we have NO plan for what should go back in! HELP! We'd love to plant this fall yet, any ideas?!

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