Saturday, October 5, 2013

School Progress

We are just scootin' along this week. The boys were so happy to be back in school, and Jax woke us up early on Wednesday morning to proclaim that it was 'LIBRARY DAY'. Yeah, slightly obsessed.

I spoke with his teacher about some difficulties they've been having at snack-time with him. He WANTS to 'eat' the snack with the other kids, but since it takes him so long, there's not enough time for him to drink all his Pediasure. So they've been taking him out of playtime to drink half of it. This of course has been upsetting him. I told the teacher to let him 'eat' with the kids and to only expect him to drink as much Pediasure as the kids are expected water. It's just one snack and we'll worry about calorie consumption at home. So that's all set, and I also start volunteering at the boy's school each Thursday starting this week. I'll switch between their classrooms every other week.

Brady's therapist emailed us his progress so far and he can say "school" and "house" now! He has to think about it first, but he definitely says it properly, WOOT WOOT! He's now working on "My, More and Mess". His therapist is so happy to be getting words out of him this year since she realized last year they could only work on sounds. She said it feels like a major accomplishment as a therapist to get a severely apraxic child to accomplish goals, yes!!

Jax's therapist emailed me back about how he'll struggle through sentences with repeating the first part many times. She said it happens when children are rapidly expanding their sentences while trying to figure out the new structures to use, and especially when they are really excited and trying to get their thoughts out quickly. We all know Jax's speeds are fast, faster and fastest when organizing his thoughts and language, so this makes sense. She said we'll keep an eye on it for sure, especially if the repeating starts with parts of a word, rather than a sentence. What would work best for Jax right now is to stop the activity and give him our full attention. Asking him to slow down may make him forget his thought (given his speed, and lack of attention at times) so we'll be working on that.

I love all this communication with the boy's school staff!

Jax had feeding therapy and occupational therapy on Friday, and we've noticed he's taken a slight step back with his oral feeding. He's been pocketing his food again. Of course his therapy sessions are up and he hasn't been approved for more since we've submitted for more. The insurance keeps coming back asking for more and more info including Jax's latest IEP from school. So, hopefully that comes through quickly to keep Jax on track.

It's the weekend and we're home on this rainy Saturday, trying to keep the boys healthy! We did scoot out to a friend's restaurant in Slinger last night. Brady decided to wear his police uniform costume. That's normal, right?
Jay is outside cutting down, pulling out and winterizing our yard. I'm pretty sure I have no bushes left around my yard. Who wants to come plant for us in the spring?!
Tomorrow we are having family photos out at a pumpkin/apple farm, and the weather looks decent. Wish us luck on a few good shots... and a farm that's not SO busy that it's impossible to enjoy the day!

The boys play soccer most days while waiting for the bus.

Jax working on his "homework".

Brady and I having milk and cookies while we wait for Jax in OT.

The boys just LOVE this thing at the hospital. Can you tell?

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Matt & Shana said...

As a reader since the beginning leaps and bounds are being made right now! Stay positive you are doing great, they are doing great :)