Sunday, November 17, 2013

Couldn't kick it

Looking forward to the weekend didn't prove to be restful. Jax got pretty sick later in the day on Friday. He said his throat hurt, his vomiting picked up and we could barely keep up with his breathing treatments. We were up all night trying to help him (he sounded like Darth Vadar with his congestion), but we were able to forge through. Our pediatrician's office was closed Saturday (they hold Saturday hours every other weekend) but we were referred out to their partner facility who saw us right away in the morning.

The doctor was so nice and great with Jax. He said he could hear wheezing in his lungs even after 1 hour of his Albuterol treatment, so he was put on a 4-day steroid dose. I'm praying this doesn't end up like the last time he was on it and needing it for 10 days. He also found an ear infection (in the ear that doesn't have the tube) so Jax got some antibiotics as well. It's been since last spring since either boys had an antibiotic, so I can't even remember if this one causes GI upset or not.

I hate hearing anything is wrong with Jax, but at least it answered why things got worse on day 5/6 of a cold. I may try to get Jax in to see his regular pediatrician tomorrow to have her listen to his lungs to see if things are going in the right direction. We can tell he's definitely better already, but he still has this lingering cough between breathing treatments that isn't typical for him. Who knows, maybe tomorrow that will clear up too.

Just when we think things are simplifying for Jax medically, we find ourselves feeling like around-the-clock nurses for him day after day. He has to get his neb treatment immediately when waking (possibly through the night as well if he has issues) and every 4 hrs after, then he gets his Prilosec (reflux med) through the tube and sometimes I give Zofran at this point depending on his tummy, then after waiting a bit, he gets his antibiotic and steroid with some food through the tube. He's still getting his eye drops 3x/day for the next few days as well. I'm hoping this week heals him up nicely and we can drop some of these!

The good news is that after an entire week of having to be tube-fed, he's stared taking food a bit by mouth again. He took 2 bites of mashed potatoes on Saturday night, and about 10 bites of yogurt with 3oz of Pediasure on Sunday night. We kind of 'made him', but that's not untypical. He's getting feeding therapy before school on Thursday and then at lunch on Friday. Hopefully two sessions back-to-back will help get back on track.

Brady has been a trooper and not sick at all (KNOCK ON WOOD), while Jay and I started sore throats and headaches Friday night. The lack of sleep doesn't help, but at least Jax got his throat swabbed so we know it's just part of a cold that should clear up.

We actually have a busy week of appointments (shocking I know), but a few of the appointments are ones that were moved from 4 weeks ago when the boys were sick, so I'm praying we can keep them. I have to see the dentist Monday, the boys do on Tuesday - which they are SO excited about and I don't know why, then the chiropractor Wednesday and then Thursday/Friday is feeding therapy with OT. I'm hoping they'll actually get a full week (Mon-Thurs) of school for once too on top of that. The boys will be going up to Manitowoc for their yearly deer-hunting weekend with Jason next weekend, so let's hope they all are healthy!

Brady and I waiting for the bus last Thursday (Jax stayed home).

This is how Jax came out to me from Occupational Therapy on Friday. Working on that muscle tone!

And here he went downhill. Thank goodness for iPads to help get through these long and loud treatments.

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Michele said...

Mine is on day 5 of a 5-day course of steroids for a cold-related asthma flare-up. The colds this fall have been brutal. She threw up yesterday's dose - head's up that it can make them pukey (though you probably already knew that!). Speedy healing!