Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hello November!

The boys had a blast on Halloween, although we could've done without the downpour of rain halfway through trick-or-treating! We attended a small gathering at the neighbor's house and then headed out with a slight drizzle, which got nasty. We got home pretty wet, but the boys were so happy.

I don't mean to sound negative toward October and all the festivities, but I'm so happy to see it go! Gah, it was just non-stop and I'm ready for things to maybe slow down a bit?? You know, right before all the major holidays, ha!

We headed up to Green Bay on Saturday for a quick visit with my mom and grandma for lunch, and to see Uncle Adam and cousin Marley one last time before Adam headed back home to Texas. It was a nice visit, and we were still able to get the boys home in time for dinner and bed in time... NOT that they slept accordingly to day light savings like every other little kid in the country I'm sure!

Jax has his quarterly Feeding/GI team followup at the hospital tomorrow afternoon, and I'm actually excited to see how his growth has been. We haven't noticed much height-growth on him, but he's definitely gained weight. I'm hoping we can start coming down on his night-tube-feeding. We'll see what the dietician says!

My cute Halloween lunch date.

Mario and Luigi ready to trick-or-treat!

The boys with their cousin Marley.

Nana Jayne, Marley and the boys playing some games.

 A little Twister action.

The great grandkids with Grandma Carol.

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