Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He's on his way!

Jax had an amazing GI/Feeding team followup at the hospital this week. He gained 6% of his body weight in the past quarter and now weighs 29.5lbs! His height is 38 1/4", so he's definitely growing, but we won't know if he's doing any 'catch up growth' until his appointment with the Endocrinologist in February. Maybe Brady is having a growth spurt, because Jax's height compared to him, doesn't seem to be closing any gap, eh, but who knows!
Jax is currently at 91% ideal body weight. He's doing great! (which being short helps those percentages obviously!)
We'll see if he can get his % up at his next appointment in 3 months to see if we can start reducing his tube-feedings. He's on his way! The team was blown away by Jax's speech/language development and his overall matured demeanor. They said they've seen the most development out of him this year, so that was nice to hear!
We started him back on Prevacid daily to help with the night/morning gagging and reflux he's been doing, which seems to aggravate his asthma (or it's the other way around). I noticed he was doing a little cough or gag (not sure) in the past week at night and early morning and I realized we were done with his Prevacid that the doc put him on for the past month (he had dried blood in his vomit with that stomach virus a month ago). So the GI doc thinks it helps him overall and we should give it a try for a few months to see if it helps again.

What's on your face Brady? Oh... marker... (and yes, he's in his costume every moment that he's not at school).

Jax all proud at the GI specialist's office. He told the doc he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up and the doc gave him his stethoscope to keep!

The boys before school on Tuesday. Their summer hair is growing out and you can see Brady has my hair texture and Jax has Jason's!

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Momma Bird said...

That is such great news! With Miles' GI stuff (that they suspect is Celiac Disease so we are gluten free now) we finally got some growth after 7 months. It was a pound so I was so excited. I know how that is to finally see some gain. Jax really is looking great and doing so well! Congrats Mama!