Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's just a cruel joke at this point

Jax is definitely improving and doing well, but Brady was a different story over the past few days. He started coughing Sunday night, and we've been HOPING it's Jax's cold. The cough got worse each day and it blew up Tuesday night to croup. Again.
For reals.
I tried a bunch of croup-tricks to get the barking seal-cough to subside, but it was relentless getting late into the night, and we were all just so tired from being up nights prior. Finally, I found an old Rx of Prednisolone from his last bout of croup and it was like ANGELS SINGING when I saw that! I gave him a dose and gave him ice chips thru the nebulizer. His coughing came down and he got some rest. I had Jax in the guest room by this point to get some rest and to not be around a hacking child in fear it was a different virus.
We were woken up to Jax holding his g-tube in his hand at 6am telling me his tubie fell out. (sigh) I could tell then that this week just keeps on going!

I took both boys to the doctor before school today and the doc was more than ok with me giving Brady the steroid dose and she actually gave me extra to keep on hand for future issues. I just need to bring Brady in the next day any time I choose to use it. She also wants his ENT (who we see Monday) to review the fact that Brady continues to struggle with croup. I'm not sure what he would do or suggest, but I've got that noted.

Jax checked out pretty good too. The fact he still needs Albuterol on day 12 is a bit of a bummer. The doc called his asthma specialist and they both agreed things need to be changed again. So now Jax is starting an Advair inhaler twice a day with a dose of Singular through his tube as his daily preventative. When he becomes ill, then he'll also use the nebulizer for the Budesonide and Albuterol. So, when he's not sick, it will be nice to not have to use the nebulizer... I guess that's the silver lining. Otherwise it feels like being a nurse with all his meds lately. Jax needs to see the asthma specialist in 4 weeks to see how it's working - hopefully no more issues like all this!

The boys also saw the dentist yesterday before school. They did great! No cavities, but Jax had a lot of calcification on his back molars since we can't always get in there when he's sick and gagging/pukey. They got that off and they were able to get X-Rays of the back teeth (not the front) so we're so proud how far he's come with having all these instruments and tools in his mouth now! This pediatric dentist crew is so amazing with children who have extra 'needs'.

Tomorrow, we have parent-teacher conferences, so I'm sure I'll have news to report about that!

They do this non-stop around the house. I love how Brady always takes it one step further, lol!

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Michele said...

You got rear tooth x-rays on Jax?!? That is amazing. :) My kids were (or will be, in the case of the youngest) much older before they could deal with that. My youngest once threw up right next to the treasure box, just from the taste of the fluoride. Thankfully it was not IN the treasure box.

Croup is awful, a friend's son (same age as your boys) also gets multiple bouts each winter and they don't know why. My eldest was actually hospitalized for 2 weeks with it when she was 4. Croup can just go take a hike.

I hope the rest of the week gets better, for all of you!