Sunday, November 10, 2013

Party of five

We are getting a little taste of what it's like to be a family of five this week. We're watching our friend's baby, Santina, and it sure does bring back old memories. I found myself wondering how people handle twins at this age?! I think we blocked it out, LOL! She's been fun for all of us.

We're wondering if Jax will be starting a cold or something here in the next day or two because his GI system has been acting up since Friday. He's gagged or puked each day and even did it at Feeding Therapy too. We shall see... boo, I hate this for the little elf.
He did well at his Occupational Therapy session on Friday and showed me how he was learning zippers. He did the vest from the clinic pretty well, but he still struggles with his own jacket. His fine motor skills would be better if he had better muscle tone and strength, but he's working on it! His penmanship is what lacks the most, but I'm getting Jax a chalkboard/dry erase board table top easel this Christmas that should really help. Brady will enjoy it more, but we'll have to really push Jax.

Brady is really into writing (copying words/letters) and drawing in a notebook lately. He even crosses off each day of the week on a calendar. The boys couldn't be more different with that kind of stuff!

Jax has his appointment with the specialist for his asthma tomorrow. I'm hoping we find a new preventative to help him this winter! He keeps saying he'll see "the doctor who will help him with his breathing medicine tomorrow". He's very methodical, and likes to know who he's going to see, for what, and at which clinic/building/office and how it will affect his school day (will he still ride the bus, or am I driving him). It's pretty cute!

So smiley in the morning!

We took advantage of a tree-trade-in sale at Steins and got a new tree this year. The boys were a bit bummed that it was stored away when we got home. I think they're a bit confused about Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holidays etc from the stores. But they sure do LOVE Christmas decorations! Jax informed us that we needed a lot more inside this year...

Love Brady!

Some fall-ball.

After tree-shopping, we had a Saturday night dinner date!

This is what happens when you leave your child with me :) (Rachel is a Bear's fan)

Sunday Funday in the basement.


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