Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ready for the weekend already!

What a WEEK and it's only Wednesday, huh.

Jax saw the specialist on Monday for his asthma and the plan of attack is to go back to using the nebulizer (he used it as a toddler) and to use Albuterol in it at the first sign of a cold no matter what, and to continue the twice daily preventatives as well.
While at the doctor's office, Jax had a temperature of 100.3. (sigh) He started a cold. Which we were kind of expecting since his stomach was upset over the weekend (see last post). So I've been tube-feeding him half feeds and doing all the extra neb-treatments. He stayed home on Monday, but went yesterday and today.
When I saw the school nurse calling me today, I seriously starred at the phone in disbelief. Well... she was calling because his eyes were having a lot of drainage. What? She wasn't calling because of vomit or asthma, but his eyes.

The boys came home about an hour later on the bus, and HOLY GUACAMOLE (in Jax's words) Jax looked awful. He had nasty yellow goop flowing all over his face and he just looked miserable. I called the pediatrician right away and got drops called in, along with a refill on Zofran (anti-nausea med). About an hour later, right before Jason was going to pick up the med, we noticed Brady had some sliiiiight yellow drainage coming from his eye. Oy. I called the pediatrician back (just before closing) to request another bottle of drops for him as well.

Ask me how fun it was to put drops in their eyes.

Jason will be gone all day/evening tomorrow and the thought of how I will have to literally sit on my kids to get these drops in makes me not want tomorrow to come, gah!

Our baby girl that we were watching went home this morning, so I had to text Rachel the news that we have a big pink-eye breakout happen. Real nice. Downright lovely!

I can't help but laugh at the circus-like life in this house sometimes. I swear I have a rather clean, tidy and downright (mostly) organized home. I feel like it sounds like we live in a pig pen with all the viruses, infections, asthma flair ups and bugs that the kids get! Ick.

In funny news, Jax asked me during one of Santina's diaper changes, if all girls had pee-pees on the inside.
I wish I could bottle up that innocence forever.

Brady and I cooking dinner on Tuesday night.

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