Monday, November 25, 2013

Teacher Conferences and Recovery

The boys are recovering nicely from the nasty bug last week. Jax finished his antibiotics for his ear infection, and the neb treatments have stopped too. It's so nice to drop a few steps in the daily process! Brady's croup has stayed away and he just has the lingering slight cough and runny nose, but he's doing great.
That bug just couldn't resist taking ME down though, haha! Ugh. I knew Jax had been swabbed and cultured showing he didn't have strep, so I let my sore throat go... and go... and go... asking Jason repeatedly if he still had his (we both got the bug, which is impossible not to when the boys are coughing in our face) and he kept saying his was gone. Why wasn't MINE?
So, finally after a sleepless night Saturday night, I couldn't take it any longer and hit up the Urgent Care on Sunday morning. Sure enough, my gland is all infected, so I bought myself a week of antibiotics. It IS slightly just a running joke around here now.

Otherwise, the boys had a great weekend during their annual deer-hunting trip back home at Nana and Papa's, while this mama got a jump on her Christmas shopping for the weekend. Which was all done via computer since I wasn't feeling the best. The boys think it's SO cool that Daddy 'deer hunts', but they have no idea what that actually means. We live in a conservancy with a LOT of deer that we feed and watch grow around the house, so the boys are just not ready to understand what 'hunting' really means for another year... or three, lol.
Although at bath time last night, Brady started bawling, saying that he was scared because "Daddy shot a deer"... whaaaaaat?! Jason thinks he may have pieced it together because there was a 'Hunting Video Game' at the restaurant they were at the night before. So we had to do some damage control to calm him down for bed. Kids are much more observant than we give them credit!

I totally forgot to update about the boy's teacher conferences last week. They went great. It's always so intimidating to meet for Jaxon's because it's a TEAM of people circled around a tiny table. His OT, PT, Speech, SN teacher and 4k teacher and us makes 7 people! But it was nice to touch base with everyone.
His gross motor skills are cruising along so nice, and he's trying so hard with his fine motor skills, but that definitely remains his biggest challenge (writing and drawing). The SN teacher is so impressed with his pre-reading skills, which is more like word-recognition we assume, but she wants to actually test him since he randomly 'reads' things we wouldn't assume he'd have word recognition for. His speech therapist said he's working hard and gave us some flash cards she specially made for him to work on at home. The 4k teacher is just over the moon for Jax in general and said he's the kindest, funniest and most popular of the class. Jason and I were SO happy with his report. We always feared for the boys socially given their differences.

Brady's report was great too, but he only has a speech therapist, SN teacher and the 4k teacher, but yet he has the bigger disability that interferes with his school-needs. He's doing great using his computer to communicate and so far it hasn't caused issues with having friends, and the boys all want to sit at his table, so that made us smile.
I asked if his speech disorder was going to be a major roadblock for him learning to read and write, and they said they think he has an advantage since he SEES all the words written that he uses on his computer. So his word-recognition is slightly higher than his peers right now. So, that was nice to hear, but there will definitely be some roadblocks he'll have to work hard to overcome. They're already talking about how they'll have a big meeting at the end of the year with the kindergarten team for next year for him, since his 'need' for the computer will most likely be necessary.
He IS actually doing well in speech this year and using sounds and letters he wasn't able to last year, so we have tons of hope!

My lunch date during Jax's therapy. Brady is so fun.

Jax's 'stuff' to be packed each time! My counters were so clear over the weekend!

Our neighbor's dropped a large box of costumes at our front door that their boys outgrew (she works for a costume company). So guess what our boys have been doing since 6:30am today?

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