Saturday, December 14, 2013

Busy Little Elves

The boys were in school all week healthy, it's an early Christmas miracle! They're both doing great other than Jax's volume-intolerance lately, and Brady sounds slightly like Darth Vader at night. Jax's tummy just can't seem to hold more than 4-5 oz of food at once and he's been puking at a few meal times and at therapy.
I've been giving Brady his nasal allergy spray each day again to see if that helps his heavy breathing/slight snore at night and it seems to a little bit, so now I'm wondering if he also has indoor allergies. My kids are SO different with their issues.

I brought the boys in for an eye exam on Friday and it went great. Jax needed a checkup before his Endocrinologist followup in January, and the boys are supposed to be checked each year for the first 5 years from their preemie-status, and everything was fine. I guess the optic nerve has to be examined for Jax's  hGH-use. The boys each got a few of the smaller photos wrong during the vision screening, but the doc dialated their eyes for an in-depth exam, and she didn't see any signs of near/far sightedness, so YAY! They don't have to go back for two years now.
Since Jay and I are both blind and most of our family members are too, we're kinda waiting to see when the boys will need glasses, but ya never know. So far it's avoided, woot woot!
We have many holiday celebrations over the next two weeks now and everything is pretty set... let the super fun 5 year old holiday begin!

My little elves!

Brady working hard on a card.

My little Brady-elf likes to 'help' wrapping.

The boys 'helping' me make banana pancakes.

I find these lists all over the house from Brady. He copies the names from his computer and has different lists everywhere. He loves to do this! I wish we could get Jax to enjoy this sort of thing!

Brady having a complete conversation with some of his guys.

The boys requested hot cocoa after school on Thursday because it was so cold! (Jax only takes one drink, but at least it's a drink!)

Eye exams!

On our way home to some feeding therapy with dilated eyes!

Daddy and the boys playing JUST DANCE on the Wii Saturday afternoon. Too fun and cute.

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Kimberly said...

Love you and your boys! Merry Christmas!