Wednesday, December 18, 2013


As expected with Jax's tummy issues, a cold started on Monday. He is the GI-whisperer, ha!
It just so happened that he had an appointment to see his asthma doctor on Monday as a follow up to the new meds. The doc said his lungs were holding strong with the new cold, but to definitely add Albuterol-neb treatments with symptoms present. So far everything is doing the trick! His tummy is still a mess, so he's getting  a lot of tube-feedings, but we know from experience, that should subside in a few days. Jax has two feeding sessions between Thursday and Friday, so hopefully that helps.

We had a holiday lunch at the house last Sunday with some friends. It was a nice relaxing day with a little early celebrating. The boys of course lost their minds during gift opening and I just wish I could bottle up their excitement forever. I'll definitely record them Christmas morning!

The boys had their annual Christmas party at Kid Reach where Jax gets his private feeding therapy. I looked back on years' past photos and it's amazing to see them grow! They are MUCH happier to see Santa now!

Present time!

Two little elves delivered a fun dollhouse to Miss Kelsey!

I noticed that Jax always HUGS his new gifts to welcome them.

Screaming and jumping... isn't that what everyone does when they open gifts?

Annual Kid Reach Christmas party. Last requests to Santa!

We all jumped in!

Sled ride with Mr Nick.

Cinnamon tree ornaments.

The good old swing!

Flash back! 18 Months old!
Saying goodbye to Santa and hoping he comes to the house next week!

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Matt & Shana said...

Merry Christmas Annie!!! I hope you have a great holiday and I can't wait for some Christmas morning shots :) the 18mo flashback photo is adorable and they've both come so far since the! You're doing great!!