Monday, December 30, 2013

Great end to the year

We had a great time visiting Auntie Christa and Uncle Clint with Nana and Papa this last weekend. The boys didn't want to leave, but travel was pretty decent.
We're always so sad to leave our siblings (Jason has one sister and brother-in-law and I have one brother and we're spread around the country), but love seeing them when we can. It's so great to see the cousin-love each time!
Jax had some tummy-issues for the first half of the trip, but he pulled it together for the last night and day thankfully. He's doing well at home and they slept in a bit today. We're still considering if we're going to treat Jax with an antibiotic for a sinus infection since he still has cold symptoms, but we're going to try and hold off for another 48 hrs to see if he can fight it. The antibiotic would tear his tummy up, so if he can fight it without, we'd all prefer that! 

At the airport bright and early!

A bit blurry because he was jumping up and down, but this is the famous FART Blaster that has been used non-stop since opening it!

Loving a remote Plane!

Anesah, Aidan, Jax and Brady - cousins!

We had random warm temps in St Louis this weekend!

The St Louis Arch

Brady with Uncle Clint
Waiting at the base of The Arch

I thought this pic looked just like my brother Adam, creepy!

Jay and the boys at the top of the Arch

Us with the Colliers

Some of St Louis

Family photo op!

The boys doing some Dance offs!

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