Monday, December 23, 2013

It's the final countdown

The boys wake up each morning yelling out how many days are left until Christmas! Yes, that super sonic level of excitement continues!
The boys have been off of school since Thursday, and I've tried to kind of keep them home to keep them healthy for our crazy week this week. Jax is finishing up his cold and hasn't had ANY asthma issues since using his new medications. I hate that he needs all these strong daily preventatives, but it's WORKING!
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we begin our tour of families. Two family stops (2 hours north) for my side tomorrow, then home for Santa and then we leave again on Christmas day for two of Jason's family stops (1.5 hrs north). Then we fly out at dawn on Friday to see Jason's sister and family for the weekend in St Louis! I need these kids healthy! ;)

The boys "reading" a book they got from Jax's teacher.

Brady helping with some Christmas cookies.

Building a gingerbread house!

So fun!

Packers vs Steelers day, lots of yelling during that game at this house!

Jay took the boys sledding on Monday!

The boys watching some Star Wars scenes on the iPad. I thought it was cute how Jax has his arm wrapped around Brady and was playing with his ear, too sweet...

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