Monday, December 2, 2013

Looking like Christmas!

Oh, the holidays. The boys are pretty much at a super sonic level of excitement each day. They were SO excited about Thanksgiving, and now wake up most days saying that Christmas is coming, and look to see where our elf ended up for the day.
We always used to stay home and host a small gathering of our parents for Thanksgiving in the past. It became the norm when Jax wasn't able to travel for his first holidays. This year we went to Jason's side of the family and the kids enjoyed causing the typical chaos that they like to do with running around and generally being loud. Not naughty, just loud.
We had a really nice few days home with Jason over the weekend and the we did a lot decorating for Christmas. It took us two entire days after needed runs to the stores for batteries or more lights, etc.
We decorated more than we ever have and I was STILL told by Jax this morning that the kitchen needed more. They are SO into the holidays, which I love.
We really stayed home and just hung out together over the weekend, but we did go to a fun Japanese hibachi restaurant on Saturday night and the boys had a blast. It's nice to interact with them throughout an entire meal without any iPods or toys to keep them busy. We also took the boys to see the new Disney movie 'Frozen' on Sunday afternoon. The boys got a little wiggly halfway through since it ended up being a little more about princesses than expected, but the action in the end pulled them through, lol!
Brady started a fever last night and has been complaining of a sore throat and headache (SIGH!!!!!) and since his slight runny nose never totally went away from the last cold two weeks ago, he gets to the see the doc today. The boys don't have school due to an in-service day, so it works out ok I guess! 

Hopefully we have an uneventful week and the only excitement is seeing Santa at the fire station on Wednesday night like the boys do every year!

The boys 'helping' Papa bowl at his tournament the night before Thanksgiving.

Loving the Japanese restaurant! Jax ate a few pieces of the egg in the fried rice, otherwise just crackers and his can of Pediasure. Brady ate a full meal of fried rice, veggies with chicken/steak and a salad. Sometimes that kid will pack a huge meal down that tiny body!

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