Friday, December 6, 2013

More spirit and a video update

The festive holiday spirit is still going strong at Casa de Lettenberger. The boys saw Santa at the town's firehouse on Wednesday night. Which was almost derailed because Brady had to be picked up from school for an eye infection on Tuesday. (WHAT the wha??) Yeah, he had Pink Eye. The doctor isn't sure if it's just a viral run since Jax had the exact same cold symptoms the week before (fever, headache, sore throat, pink eye), but no ear infection which I'm still on alert for symptoms, but so far, so good.

The boys were SO pumped to see Santa, and I realized Jason and I made a 'parent-fail' for not having the boys make a written list (or have us write it and they sign) to give Santa. So here's Jax trying to explain to Santa what they want and Brady is silent. It's LOUD in the echoing fire station, so Jax was kind of yelling, ha! We heard Santa repeat the word "light saber" so we knew he caught some of it. Then he said, "I heard you two fight once in awhile" and Jax yells, "WHAT?!" H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

The boys got an early visit from St Nick (German/Euro tradition of the Christian Saint) since Jason is out of town for a softball tournament in Las Vegas this weekend. They received a few small gifts (not many treats because of Jax) and they've been enthralled with them for the past few days (success!).

Jax had private feeding therapy and occupational therapy today, and did well in both. He's done with occupational therapy now until we find out if he's approved for more sessions with the new year. These sessions are helping him with his fine motor skills and strength. Like working a zipper, buttons, clothes, holding pencils/utensils, writing/drawing etc. He could still use a lot of help, so hopefully that goes through since his school OT doesn't work on self-help skills.

Brady has been drawing and writing up a STORM lately. He likes to copy words and then bring them to me to show me what he wants instead of using his computer sometimes, it's really interesting! His stick figure of himself has evolved from a circle with arms and legs to a head, body, legs, arms, fingers and toes. It's pretty cute to watch him blossom like that.

I took a video of him telling me what he wants for Christmas and then he sings a Christmas carol. I thought it would be a good update, but I actually think the video misses all the great work he's done lately since he's really just RATTLING off a list in his head and there's no context for the listener to reference what he's saying except for the song. I'll take another video of him this week 'reading' one of his speech books to get a better idea of his progress, but for memory sakes, here ya go:

Brady took it upon himself to DIRECT the choir singing at the fire station. This kid can't WAIT to get into music class.

Jax yelling their requests to Santa!

St Nick came!! Excuse the weird eyes from editing on my phone...

100 Christmas cards COMPLETE... now 53 gifts to wrap. Hmm, I'll need to create a schedule for that...

The boys loving up the Lego store after therapy today!

I love that they never actually ask to buy anything. They just play and leave, love it!

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Kimberly said...

Annie - Brady has come so far! I loved that video. Give him a big high five from me for singing his Santa song.