Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Keepin' On

We've had a pretty standard week around here. Although, Jason brought the boys to a Monster Truck Show on Saturday afternoon, and of course they loved it, what a fun treat!

Brady's sensitivity has seemed to really come down a lot. He's pouted a few times, but never any tears, so it's been a good week. I hope the teacher and speech therapist are right that he was just out of his routine and his communication regressed, causing all the tears for the past month. We'll keep our eyes on him of course.

I've contacted the local speech pathologist about the process to get Brady into her PROMPT therapy over the summer, so the ball is rolling on that. In the meantime, we've really ramped up our work with Brady. His school therapist has made two YouTube videos already that Brady can watch and follow along with at home. So it's like a mini-therapy session right at home, and it helps me to know how to help direct him as well.

He also has the words that he's working on sent home each week, that I make into index cards and file by letters. We can go over these flash cards at home before or after school to keep the repetition going - which is what he really needs to learn the motor planning skill for the words. I have words that begin with M, B and W so far. The therapist said they'll be working on N soon, so it will be cool to hear Brady say the word NO, versus OH at some point.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Brady caught Jax's cold, but it hasn't slowed him down. Jax still has some symptoms left, so he's STILL on all his double nebulizer treatments in addition to his daily asthma meds. But HEY, it's keeping him out of the hospital and doctor's office and IN school, so I am NOT complaining!
Jax has been cracking us up at home lately. He's developing quite the wit. Which, I actually think Brady has too, so I'll patiently wait to hear it out of his mouth some day!

Brady's flash cards


Kimberly said...

In case you didn't know, you rock.

Michele said...

My daughter who, just turned 6 this weekend, has been very emotional lately too. She was actually distraught a couple weeks ago because - get this - she has a new best friend at school. She felt overwhlemed because what if she wants to play with someone besides her new best friend?? They are still so little, and maybe we're not as used to seeing it in boys as we are in girls, but sometimes little kids just have emotional days. Then they bounce back. :)