Monday, January 27, 2014

More Tubes and Sayonara Adenoids!

Yeah, we got all medical up in here again.
I took the boys to their ENT follow up and hearing test. It was moved back multiple times due to illness in late fall. So we finally got in there today, and the only ear that passed the pressure test and the hearing test, was the one ear that Jax got a tube in last April. His left ear failed and both of Brady's failed.
The ENT reviewed Brady's history from the past 2 years of tests and said it's time. He doesn't want either of the boys to have hearing to continue going in-and-out, especially with their speech difficulties, so they're getting tubes. The doc also thought they had enlarged adenoids from the way Brady was breathing and the report form the allergist, but we had always stayed away from the adenoids because of the speech issues. The doc said that since they tested to not have a palate issue, and they're past the age of 5, he suggested they be removed during the tube-procedure if the X-Ray showed them to be enlarged. So, we went to Radiology and got some X-Rays, and sure enough... their adenoids are double the size they're supposed to be and pushing against all their business that helps them breathe. So OUT they come!
I'm waiting for the hospital to call me tomorrow to set up day-surgery appointments. Hopefully this can get done sooner rather than later.

My poor kids have my ears through and through. Sorry buddies.
I am actually getting a pressure-tube inserted into my right ear in a couple weeks with my ENT. Although, my 'procedure' is a very quick office visit where the doc just numbs my ear with drops and gets it done. Hopefully this will help all my issues of fluid buildup and pressure issues with planes (and even trains!) which sometimes even makes me feel nauseous in addition to thinking my ear will rupture with the pain.

I just wish the boys didn't have to go through the full on procedure, but hopefully in the end, it will help a lot. The doc said it should help with Brady's night snoring, mouth breathing, and both of their congestion. And of course, ear infections, hearing and any fluid or pressure they feel! It can only help with speech, right?

Otherwise, we're stuck in the house now until Wednesday. Gotta love the 2014 winter VORTEX going on this year!

Doesn't everyone steam clean the dust mites off stuffed animals?

Jax eating mac n cheese with a fork by himself! I think he had 10 noodles! But refused the baked beans.

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