Monday, February 3, 2014

Endocrinologist Follow Up

We almost forgot we had this 6 month follow up tonight!

Last July, Jax was 37.8" and tonight he was 39.7", so he gained 2 full inches in six months! So far the hGH injections seem to be working, so it's definitely worth it. He also gained weight, although he hasn't gained much in the past month or so. He weighed in at 29.9 lbs tonight, so he's just under a half pound from the magic number of 30#. He was 26lbs just six months ago, so these are great gains for our little elf!

SO, even though he's not on any charts yet, he's movin' on UP!

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Momma Bird said...

Yay! We have to carefully watch growth with my youngest son due to his GI issues so I know how exciting any gain is....those are great growths!