Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting Ready

We're preparing for the boy's surgery, which is TOMORROW already!
I'm actually glad it's sooner rather than later so I can't obsess about it too much, and we can get these boys hearing properly.

Brady's speech therapist has made up flash cards for Brady to perform while being video recorded. She will have him do the same cards the first day back from the surgery (possibly Thursday, otherwise not until Monday) and then he'll do it again one full week after the surgery. She wants to see if there's any marked improvement from it.
Of course she'd love to be able to experiment with just the tubes out and/or just the adenoids out, but obviously we're not going to do two separate procedures, so we'll take what we can get!
It will be interesting to see if there's any change or improvement with Brady's articulation, so we shall see!

It can only help Jax with his breathing to get the inflamed adenoids out. Maybe help with swallowing as well? I'm trying not to get my hopes up on all of this...

The boys had fun for the fist half of the Super Bowl on Sunday. We were at the neighbor's and they got to play a special BINGO game to look for clues during the game and on the commercials. After Bruno Mars performed the half time show, we packed up the boys and Jax was very upset to hear the Packers weren't winning.
Yup, time for bed buddy.

Wish us luck for tomorrow's procedures!

Jax looking like a mini Conan O'Brian

Hair cut time!

All freshened up (although a little shorter than we wanted for winter time)

Love at the barbers.

We delivered our extra medical supplies on Saturday to a donation warehouse for other little tubies in the area to use!

The boys love this game!

Super Bowl Sunday!

Some of the kids in the basement of the neighbor's house for the game.

Love these dudes!

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